The 11 Best Writing Assistance Software and AI Assistant To Help You Write Better

by Outranking
Updated On: January 18, 2023
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The 11 [Best] Writing Assistance Software and AI Assistant To Help You Write Better

You are a content writer with other responsibilities, and you’re not sure how to make your writing better. It can be hard getting ideas or wading through the complexities of grammar and spelling on your own. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the new technological advancements in our world and don’t have time for the long process of learning how to write well-structured content that will get read by your audience.

This article will cover the 11 best writing assistance software and AI assistant that you should use to help improve your skills.

What is an AI writing assistance software?

An AI writing assistance software is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence to help you write better. There are a number of different types of AI writing assistance software, but they all share the same goal: to improve your writing.

AI writing assistance software can be a great way to improve your writing skills. However, it is important to remember that these programs are not perfect. Sometimes, their suggestions will be wrong. However, if you use these programs regularly, you will find that your writing skills will improve over time.

Types of writing assistant software

Grammar, tone, readability, and language improvement

There are many different types of writing assistant software programs available to help with grammar, tone, readability, and language improvement. Some of the most popular programs include:


Each of these programs has different features and benefits that can help writers improve their skills. For example, Grammarly provides real-time feedback on grammar and spelling mistakes, while Hemingway App helps to improve readability by highlighting complex sentences and common errors. Readable is a free tool that measures the readability of a piece of text.

SEO writing (guidance only)

Outranking is an all-in-one solution that will help with every aspect of your SEO writing. This tool will help with things like content strategy, keyword research, topic modeling, and more.

There is other software that can help with SEO writing, depending on what you need however, they are very basic. For basic guidance on how to write for SEO, you can try a plugin like Yoast for WordPress. Yoast will give you real-time feedback on how well your post is optimized as you write it, and gives you suggestions on how to improve it.

SEO writing (AI-assisted)

Outranking is a powerful AI SEO content generation tool that can help you create high-quality and engaging content. It helps with things like content strategy, topic cluster and outlining keyword research, and NLP Topic modeling.

AI SEO writing assistants are a relatively new development in the world of SEO. Using machine learning, these tools help users with tasks such as research, outlining, and drafting the first version of their article. While they cannot completely replace human writers yet, they can be very helpful in getting started on an article.

Copywriting with AI

Copywriting with AI is the future. By using this software, you can overcome writer’s block, and generate content that is Conversion-friendly. is a copywriting software that uses AI to generate high-quality, long-form content for your business, however, it is not the best writing assistant for SEO content optimization. You can use Copywriting with AI to create marketable content without having to spend time and effort!

Rewriting software

If you are worried about plagiarism, rewriting software are tools available that can help you create unique, high-quality content for your website or blog. There are several types of free and paid rewriting and paraphrasing software available online. You might want to check out quillbot, it is arguable the best around.

Document collaboration

Document collaboration software allows multiple users to work on a document at the same time. This type of software is often used by businesses to allow employees to work together on projects. Document collaboration software can also be used by students to collaborate on school projects. The most popular document collaboration software is Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Adobe Acrobat.

Benefits of using a writing assistance software

Helps you check for grammar and spelling mistakes

Writing assistance software like Grammarly can help you check for grammar and spelling mistakes, as well as ensure that your writing is clear and concise. This can be especially helpful if you are not a native English speaker. Additionally, writing assistance software can help you improve your writing style.

Helps you check for plagiarism

Writing assistance software can help you check for plagiarism in your work. This is important because plagiarism can result in serious consequences, including a loss of points on an assignment, a failing grade, and even expulsion from school. Using writing assistance software can help you avoid these consequences by ensuring that your work is original.

Helps you collaborate with others

Collaboration software, such as Google Docs, enables you to share your document with others and work on it together in real time. This can be extremely helpful when working on a project with other people, as it can save time and help keep everyone organized.

Write better SEO content

An SEO content writing software like Outranking will help you write better SEO content by optimizing your keywords and phrases for the search engines. The software will also help you to research your competitors and find new and better ways to beat them at their own game. In addition, SEO content writing software can help you to track your progress over time so that you can see how well your articles are doing.

Reduce writers block

One of the main benefits of using a writing assistance program is that it can help to reduce writer’s block. When you have a tool that provides structure and guidance, it can be easier to overcome those moments when you feel stuck or uncertain about what to write next.

Some of these programs are designed to help with specific tasks such as plotting or organizing ideas, while others are more general in nature and can be used for any step of the writing process. There is a wide variety of writing assistance programs available, so it is important to find one that meets your needs. Take some time to explore different options and see which ones offer the features and functionality that will be most helpful for you.

What are the best writing assistant apps and software for each use case?

1. Grammarly – Language and grammar

Grammarly is a great app for those who need help with their grammar and language skills. It can be used for both proofreading and editing, and it has a wide range of features that make it a valuable tool for writers of all levels.

 The 11 [Best] Writing Assistance Software and AI Assistant To Help You Write Better


  • Correcting grammar in real-time.
  • Highly precise.
  • Simple to comprehend explanations.
  • Customization.
  • very easy to use


  • It doesn’t apply to all situations.
  • Its free version has several restrictions.
  • aggressive promotion


 The 11 [Best] Writing Assistance Software and AI Assistant To Help You Write Better

2. ProWritingAid – Language and grammar

ProWritingAid is a great tool similar to Grammarly for improving your language and grammar. It offers a wide range of features, including a grammar checker, style checker, dictionary, thesaurus, and more. It can be used online or offline, and it integrates with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and other word processors.


  • user-friendly interface
  • a lot of integrations
  • 25 different styles of analysis reports
  • It has a free trial
  • 14-day money-back guarantee


  • Users must spend considerable time learning the many aspects
  • When editing manuscripts with 10,000+ words or more, it takes longer.


 The 11 [Best] Writing Assistance Software and AI Assistant To Help You Write Better

3. Hemingway Editor – Language and grammar checker – free writing assistant

Hemingway Editor is a great choice for those who need help with grammar and language errors. The app highlights adverbs, passive voice, and complex phrases. It also gives you a readability score for your text. This can be helpful if you want to make sure your writing is clear and easy to understand.

Hemingway Editor - Language and grammar checker - free writing assistant


  • a user-friendly interface
  • desktop and online versions
  • Color-coding and ideas that are useful
  • easily handle long documents
  • The online version does not need installation or login.


  • very constrained in scope
  • The online version lacks the ability to save.
  • It might be challenging to employ complex language and adverbs.
  • Possibly incompatible with a writer’s own style
  • does not provide comprehensive grammar or spelling checks
  • No text-checking plugin for the browser


Hemingway Editor’s online version is available at no cost. The authors have stated their intention to maintain this arrangement. For a one-time fee of $19.99, you may purchase the desktop edition of the Hemingway App. Both Windows and Mac share the same pricing.

4. Outranking – AI-based SEO writing assistant

Outranking is a great tool for content writers because it helps you generate SEO-relevant headlines for your articles. It also provides you with helpful tips and suggestions to improve your writing.

If you’re looking for an AI-assisted content writing experience, then Outranking is the tool for you. It helps you generate SEO-relevant articles, content outlines and briefs, and topic clusters and provides feedback on your article as you write. This way, you can be sure that your content is not only high quality but also optimized for search engines. You can also use it to improve your existing copy by entering a URL and having outranking analyze it for you.

Outranking - AI-based SEO writing assistant


  • Enhance the organization of your phrases and paragraphs
  • Rewrite sentences and paragraphs
  • Quickly and easily create outlines and briefs
  • Content optimization in stages
  • Suggestions for pertinent subheadings
  • An in-depth upgrade to SEO scoring
  • SEO Scoring and running-through of material in real-time
  • Analysis of Google SERPs for research
  • Find organic traffic-generating keywords
  • Learn about the SERPs of your rivals
  • Find content gaps and opportunities
  • Automatic writing of SEO content first draft
  • Write service pages, blogs, recipes, and niche blogs.


  • Not as effective as Grammarly in improving copy
  • Not an alternative to Grammarly and Prowritingaid


Outranking - Plans & Pricing

Check out the pricing page for more price comparisons

5. Semrush – SEO writing

Semrush is a great tool for helping with basic SEO writing. Although It provides a number of features that can help with optimizing content but does not have the advanced content writing and optimization that outranking offers.

Semrush as a keyword research tool can help you find the right keywords to target, while a content optimization tool like Outranking can help you optimize your content for the right keywords All of these features can be helpful in ensuring that your content is well-optimized and ranks well in search engines.

Semrush's ‘Domain Overview’ dashboard


  • a thorough keyword search
  • affordably priced
  • Detailed visitor information,
  • aids in identifying toxic substances,


  • Unreliable Ad Spend Data
  • unpleasant user interface
  • Not to be used as a Grammarly or Prowritingaid alternative


Semrush - Plan & Pricing page

6. Quillbot – Rewriting

Quillbot is a great rewriting tool for those who want to improve their writing skills. It offers a wide range of features, including grammar checking, word choice suggestions, and paraphrasing. It also has a built-in thesaurus that can help you find the perfect word for your needs.

Quillbot - Rewriting


  • liberal use of the free account
  • For premium accounts, advanced features and restrictions
  • The Grammar checker eliminates the need for Grammarly Citation, paraphrasing, and summarizing
  • Offers a Google Doc & Chrome Extension
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • With free accounts, there are just two writing styles
  • No GPT-3 AI free writing like Jasper AI 
  • Manual intervention is often required to choose the best-sounding synonyms and sentence structures.


Quillbot Plans

Rytr – AI copywriting and brainstorming ideas

Rytr is an AI copywriting assistant that helps you create better, more engaging content. It does this by using a natural language processing algorithm to analyze your text and suggest improvements. For example, it can suggest different words or phrases that would make your text more readable or interesting.

It can also help you spot errors in your grammar or punctuation. Rytr is a great tool for bloggers, students, and business professionals who want to create better content.


  • very tidy and user-friendly for beginners
  • Rytr has a Copyscape built-in plagiarism detector.
  • It can produce any kind of content and supports more than 30 languages and use cases.
  • A free trial is offered (Use up to 5000 free characters per month)


  • There is a restriction on the available payment methods if you wish to buy Rytr from the official website; only card payments are permitted. There should be more payment options available.
  • Not to be used as a Grammarly or Prowritingaid alternative


Rytr - Features, Plan, and Pricing

8. – AI Copywriting, formally known as is an AI copywriting assistant that helps you write better copy faster. It’s great for creating ad copy, email subject lines, web page titles, and more. Just enter a few keywords and will generate a list of potential headlines for you to choose from.


  • User-friendly
  • Multifunctional personality
  • Content tone
  • Long-form content
  • Writing templates


  • Not to be used as a Grammarly or Prowritingaid alternative
  • Not for SEO writing, additional subscription, subpar product with great marketing and hype


Jasper - AI Copywriting

9. Copy AI

Copy AI is software that uses artificial intelligence to help you write better marketing content. It can generate copies in seconds and offers a variety of creative tools to help you write better articles.

5 Tools to Help Create Great Copy for Non-Copywriters - AmpliPhi


  • high conversion rates
  • Simple writing instrument
  • The ideal fit for email marketing


  • not ideal for lengthy blog entries.
  • not an ideal writing assistant for technical topics
  • Not for SEO writing, additional subscription, subpar product with great marketing and hype


Copy AI - Plan and Pricing

10. Wordtune

Wordtune is a writing assistant that uses AI to help you write better. It cleans up your copy to make it sound more clear, more compelling, and more authentic. It also helps you write documents, emails, and instant messages.

Wordtune is a writing assistant that uses AI technology to help you improve your writing. With its deep understanding of semantics and context, Wordtune can offer a suite of features to help you produce better content. These features include grammar and spell checking, style recommendations, and plagiarism detection.

Wordtune vs Grammarly: Which Writing Aid is the Best For 2022?


  • Has a Free plan
  • Easy to use
  • Ensures your message clearer
  • The AI rewriting editor is great


  • it is complicated
  • not an ideal writing assistant for technical topics
  • it shouldn’t be used as a substitute for Grammarly


Wordtune - Plan and Pricing

11. Google and Zoho Docs for collaboration

If you’re looking for a writing assistant app or software that will allow you to collaborate with others, Google Docs and Zoho Docs are both great options. With either of these apps, you can create and edit documents with others in real-time, chat with collaborators, and see who is working on what in the document. Both apps also offer a variety of features that make collaboration easy, such as commenting, suggesting edits, and tracking changes.


What are writing tools?

A writing tool can be anything from a pen and paper to a laptop or stylus. They are used for a variety of purposes, such as taking notes in class, drafting documents, editing papers, and even studying for exams.

Which is the best AI writer tool?

There are a number of AI writer tools on the market, but Outranking is considered to be one of the best. It is suitable for SEO content writers and content ninjas who don’t have the time to perform detailed research for article writing and creation for content marketing.

You need to enter a topic headline or keyword, and the software will scrape related information from the web and create an article for you based on the information you supply with just a few clicks of the mouse. This can be a great way to get content for your website quickly and easily.

What is the best writing assistant?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Different writers prefer different writing assistants, and what works for one person may not work for another. Some popular writing assistants include Grammarly, ProWritingAid, Hemingway Editor, and the WriteWell app. Ultimately, it is up to the individual writer to decide which writing assistant is best for them.

Which SEO writing assistant is the best?

Outranking is considered to be one of the best SEO writing assistants because it offers a wide variety of features that are suitable for SEO content writers and content agencies who don’t have the time to perform detailed research. Outranking SEO writing assistants is a time-saving tool for article writing. It helps you to research and write your articles quickly and easily, without having to worry much about the optimization of your content for search engines.

What makes a good writing assistant?

A good writing assistant will help you with all aspects of the writing process, from coming up with ideas to proofreading your final draft. A good writing assistant will be patient and willing to answer all of your questions, no matter how basic they may be. A good writing assistant will also be able to give you constructive feedback on your work, so you can improve as a writer. Finally, a good writing assistant will be someone you feel comfortable working with and who you can trust to keep your work confidential.