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March 16, 2022
What is a Content Writer

What is a Content Writer?- A Beginners Guide

What is a Content Writer?- A Beginner’s Guide As more bloggers keep breaking into the internet, the demand for content creators keeps increasing. Whether you run an online business or blog, you need to produce content that ranks to get found. To achieve this, you need to become a content creator yourself or pay someone to create this content for you. Who is a Content Writer? A content writer is someone who writes, edits, and produces high-quality written material for […]
December 24, 2021
Content Optimization What It Is & How to Master It

Content Optimization: What It Is & How to Master It

Whether you’re creating content for your own business or for clients, it’s safe to bet that your goals include generating more online visibility, traffic, and leads. Countless others are trying to do the exact same thing. How are they going about it? One method is a clear standout. More than 60% of companies are investing in content optimization and seeing outstanding results from it. These results include increased and higher-quality website traffic, more leads, and even more sales. So, learning […]
December 17, 2021
Why Great Content Doesn't Always Rank Well, Even with a Killer Keyword

Why Great Content Doesn’t Always Rank Well, Even with a Killer Keyword

True or false: Great content is always going to grab the top spot on Google. That’s a bit of an unfair question, since “great content” is subjective. It also depends on who (or what) you ask: your readers or the Google search algorithm. What is the definition of great content, anyway? We answered this in a recent blog post, How is the Definition of Quality SEO Content Changing?, but note that the standard is always evolving. The truth is that […]