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May 21, 2022
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SEO Content Strategy To Dominate Any Niche
June 18, 2022
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One key challenge in creating SEO content is building the approach and strategy. Traditional keyword research used to work well when everything you wrote and threw at the wall used to stick. But, ranking is now more complicated than it used to be. 

Your potential to rank now depends on your website’s topical authority. Building topical authority requires careful execution of new content and the optimization of existing content to make sure each page in your authority mind map is created with a purpose

To tackle this challenge, we built the Strategist feature in Outranking and created a deeper integration with other core features to help you create and execute the ultimate SEO content strategy and dominate your niche.

What is Strategist?

The strategist is a utility for SEO content strategy planning and execution with a few very powerful functions:

  1. It finds your best content opportunities, using deep SERP research, and then maps them to the related keywords you should create content around. 
  2. It connects with your Search Console so the AI can learn the common trends from that data and find keywords that you can easily rank for. Once your authority in the space increases, it auto-adjusts to the new norms and suggests more difficult keywords. Your strategy is ever-evolving for greatness!
  3. It helps you find gaps in your topical authority coverage. You will know exactly how to put more effort into improving your authority. 
  4. It helps prioritize your content creation and optimization efforts so you don’t lose track of your goal. 

Strategist goes as far as 50 pages into the SERPs to find the most important topics and then uses that data to find a close match and semantic terms for content ideation.

Credit consumption

Each Strategist project uses one document credit, and each cluster you explore uses one keyword search credit.

Who has access to this feature?

Everyone with a paying Outranking account has access to this feature, with two limitations:

  1. It consumes document and keyword search credits, as mentioned above.
  2. For data mapping and AI suggestions to work, you need access to Actions and at least one valid project. If you don’t have a subscription to Actions, you can use your sitemap to help with the mapping, but it is not as accurate as of the Search Console data that we get from the Actions feature.

Other enhancements in this release

Document dashboard

You can now customize the document grid to show more filters. The filter is automatically saved for the next time.

Document dashboard


We added extensive filtering so you can create custom rules and filter the keywords based on your own strategy.


Next, we made enhancements to the UI to allow faster addition of suggestions to create custom briefs.

suggestions to create custom briefs.

Lastly, we added the ability to re-fetch data and also change the timeline for Google Search Console data extraction.

Google Search Console data extraction.
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