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AI SEO, also known as AI-powered SEO, refers to using Artificial Intelligence to guide search engine optimization of a web page or a website to gain better rankings and organic traffic. Additionally, AI can assist with keyword research, SERP analysis, writing content, providing SEO content optimization tips, SEO writing checker, AI SEO content marketing, and much more.

In the past few years, artificial intelligence has been used by companies from all industries to operate in many different ways. One of these uses is to create content for a company’s website or social media page. This content is typically optimized for search engines and can be used to create blog posts, tweets, and other marketing materials.

In this post, we will explore some of the use cases of using AI for SEO content generation and optimization.

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

Artificial intelligence is a type of technology that can make decisions and solve problems with the help of machines. The first use of AI was in computers, where it helped to create machine learning. Machine learning is the process of an algorithm that learns to complete a task without being explicitly programmed.

Artificial intelligence can help with many tasks including, but not limited to: speech recognition, image recognition, machine translation, and natural language processing.

Key statistics about how AI is affecting SEO using the above Text:

– 30% of AI adopters cited a 6-10%increase in revenue after implementing the technology.

– As of 2019, 37% of organizations have used AI in some form to optimize business operations.

How AI is affecting SEO? Can SEO AI tools help with Ranking?

List of things AI can help with when it comes to SEO:

  • Automated keyword research
  • Automatic content creation and analysis
  • Automation of SEO workflows
  • Increased traffic and site growth
  • Voice search content discovery

Artificial intelligence is impacting SEO by helping to automate the process of managing and optimizing digital marketing activities. This includes keyword research, content creation, and analysis, automation of workflows, and increased traffic and site growth.

The rise of AI has given digital marketers a way to work with accuracy, speed, and precision while increasing the overall productivity of SEO. The ability to quickly get to a point of action with AI-assisted content creation and optimization means that marketers will be able to meet the goals of their clients, as well as improve inefficiency.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what AI is today and how it’s impacting the mar-tech industry. We’ll discuss some of the key ways in which marketers are using AI to make their workflows faster, and create killer SEO Content.

AI-Driven Content Creation

AI-driven content creation is the process of creating auto-generated content using artificial intelligence, machine learning or natural language generation. This type of SEO digital marketing content strategy is the future of content creation and will allow brands to create, customize and deliver relevant media that is personalized. It will also allow writers to finish writing and copy-editing work much faster.

AI and GPT-3 have come a long way. How writers create content for the web has totally changed.

AI acts as an AI blog post generator and can help complete sentences, write paragraphs, answer questions, create featured snippets, write page meta titles, and meta descriptions, and even do research. For example, this topic was 80% written by AI and 20% by me.

example of Outranking’s AI Write feature, one of the best SEO AI-powered tools for content creation
write a meta description

How to create and optimize SEO content faster with AI Write?

AI has been beneficial to the publishing industry as more than just a form of automation. AI can help with content optimization which is a benefit for publishers and users alike. AI can be used in the whole SEO content strategy, including:

-Title and meta tag generation

-Outline generation

-Content generation

-Sentence correction


-Rewriting paragraphs by forcing them to include keywords

-Content analysis

-Text generation

-Understanding user intent

-semantic content analysis


-Paragraph generation using keywords

10x your content production

Empowering writers, not replacing them.

Title and Meta description Generation for SEO using AI

AI is great at taking your command to give you ideas for Titles and even generate Meta descriptions. This required us, Humans, to train the AI to give it precise output that adheres to the Search engine guidelines. But once you have the algo to train the AI, it can do this task at an amazing speed.

Let’s look at some examples:

Example 1: Generate Title ideas

/command [Write 5 titles ideas for an essay about How AI is changing SEO]:

1. How AI is changing SEO for the better

2. The effects of AI on online marketing and digital marketing in general

3. How machine learning can be used to improve organic search

4. How AI changes the work of SEO Managers

5. The changing face of SEO with AI

Let’s look at another example of Meta description generation using AI.

Example 2: Generating Meta Description using AI

example of generating meta description with ai-powered software
image4 14

This is some pretty powerful stuff.

SEO Content Outline Generation using AI

Creating an SEO Outline using AI can be automated and that’s a no-brainer. But for your outlines to work from an SEO perspective you are going to have to do a little more. Creating Outlines using AI from thin air is not the best way to create SEO-optimized headings. SEO-optimized headings need to have mentions of related keywords, highest frequency keywords, and topics that make up the user intent.

In order for the AI to give a good answer to your command, you need to give it proper context and Instructions. Let us look at an example.

Example 3: Give it a set of complex but concise instructions to create outlines for blogs or sections within.

/command [Create 3 topics for an essay about How to generate an outline using A. It needs to be concise sentence headings discussing automating outline generation and using SERP Data by ingesting keywords to create an Outline.


-What is SERP Data

-How to generate an outline using AI

-Pros and cons of using this method over traditional methods

Example 4: Creating a basic outline

/command [Write an outline for an essay about how AI will change travel to space:


Example 5: Creating outlines with a specific number of sections.

/command [Write 10 topic outline for an essay about GraphQL.


Example 6: Forcing AI to use SERP Keywords in Outline

/command [Create a 5 topic outline for an essay about romantic travel for couples in the US using the below keywords.

Keywords: San Francisco, Utah, New york


-San Francisco, a city known for its romance and fireworks

-Utah, one of the oldest places in America

-New York City is an iconic place for romantic travel

-The history and culture of New York City

-The best spots to visit in each city

Content Research: How can AI help with SEO content research?

AI can help content marketers perform research just like how Google would. But the twist is, you can ask AI to answer the question in the form of written material. Like how you would ask google for “Best places to visit while in San Francisco”, you can ask the AI to give you the same information precisely. See below for an example from Outranking where I just literally asked AI to give me the best places to visit while in San Francisco.

Example 7: Researching right into the editor

/command [Write 10 best places to visit while in San Francisco]:

1. Golden Gate Park

2. Alcatraz Island

3. Broadway

4. Chinatown

5. Lombard Street

6. Fisherman’s Wharf

7. Presidio Park

8. Coit Tower

9. San Francisco Zoo

10. Enjoy a City Tour

The above example was generated using Outranking’s AI write utility. From the above example, you can see how powerful AI can be if used correctly.

Let us look at one more example before moving on.

Example 8: some variations

  1. Give me the list of talking points about Content marketing
  2. Where did the Yankees win their first game
  3. Write 10 home remedies for sore muscle
  4. Give me some statistics about how effective the keto diet is

I am sure you guys can be more creative than I am and take this to the next level.

Sentence completions using AI write

AI is very capable of understanding the context from the text already written and use that to generate completions. You can write half a sentence and use the AI to complete the sentence for you. This is a great way to cut down on time spent writing and increase productivity.

AI is very good at understanding the text and what it needs to generate the content. It can be programmed to understand the context by using natural language processing, machine learning, and deep learning. The AI can complete it by using the vocabulary and synonyms from a previously written sentence. How does AI make content creation faster?

Using the AI SEO content software Outranking, one can generate low, medium, and high outputs with a click of a button by appending the generation to an existing text.

ai write

Answering Questions for SEO using AI

AI can also help you answer a question. Given the question, AI can create the answer for you. For example, in Outranking’s AI Write feature, you can select a question and click on “Answer Question

example of answering questions using Outranking's AI write feature

Example 9: Answering a question

Question: Will SEO be affected by how AI can write?

Answer: In theory, yes. In practice, it’s much less clear how things will go as AI is still fairly new.

Features like this come in handy for creating answers for PAA or people also ask box in google.

Voice search is reshaping SEO as well and the better you rank on Google with your quality concise answers, the more are the chances of ALEXA picking up your content when it comes to voice searches since the device is smart enough to understand what you are trying to ask.

So as an SEO manager or content creator, if you fail to answer PAA and people also ask the questions box, the chances of your content being picked up by voice searches is greatly reduced.

The percentage of Search Query that has Features snippet kind of answers is also on the rise. These are answers to the user’s questions in a listicle or step instruction format.

AI can help us create listicle types of answers as well, with just a click of a button.

Example 10: Creating Featured Snippets for SEO using AI

/command [Steps to replace a car tire]:

1. Remove the rim from the wheel

2. Place the new tire on top of the old tire

3. Mount and secure the new rim onto the wheel

4. Reattach the brakes and cables

5. Tighten the wheel nuts to secure everything

Example 11: Creating step by step instructions for your SEO content using AI

/command [Instructions in a list format to find the right Airbnb vacation listing]::

Step 1: Check your calendar for when you plan on going on vacation.

Step 2: Select the first day of your trip, as it’s likely to be cheaper than later dates.

Step 3: Search for places to stay that are within a 30-minute drive of your destination

Step 4: Select the Airbnb listing that best fits your needs and budget

Paraphrasing text using AI

If you are writing a blog post, it is almost impossible that you have not taken inspiration from the content that’s already out there and rewrote or paraphrased it.

Example 12: Paraphrasing text using AI

example of paraphrasing the text without changing the context by using the SEO AI-powered tool Outranking

Rewritten text: You can use software like Outranking’s AI Write feature to re-write the existing text.

Translations of existing text using AI

AI can also help with translations of the text.

The potential for AI can help search engines understand a piece of text better by automatically managing the translation process. Using Outranking to automatically collect content and generate translations that are requested by learning systems is an effective and efficient use of AI.

Using the command feature you can translate back and forth in as many as 50 languages.

Example 13: Translation from English to German

/command [English: Outranking is one of the best tools out there to create SEO content with help of AI

German:]: Outranking ist eine der besten Möglichkeiten, KI zum Schreiben von SEO-Artikeln zu verwenden

The output with translated text is highlighted in bold above. Well, you get the gist, but here is the catch, to use these features with a greater quality of output, you need to feed it information a little at a time instead of asking it to write 100’s of words together.

Paragraph writing give certain SERP keywords

The search engine uses the density of keywords and user intent in a paragraph to determine how much weight it gives to that passage.

Keyword density is important because it tells the search engine how relevant your passage is to what the user is looking for.

This means that by including the right keywords in a paragraph, you’ll get higher rankings and thus better SERP placement.

The above paragraph was generated using AI and I made minor adjustments to it. Look at the example below where highlighted text is the output.

Example 14: Writing passage using SERP Keywords

writing passage using serp keywords

Impressive right?

How to Extracting key marketing information using AI

There are a few approaches to extracting key marketing information using AI. One of the most popular is the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) SEO tools which can extract information from any text.

The other is using machine learning algorithms which will eventually learn to extract key information from the text it reads.

It is important to note though, that the more information you feed it, the better the output it will produce.

How to use AI to extract statistics for SEO content

AI can be used to extract statistics about a given topic from a paragraph or bunch of raw text.

For example, I copied a paragraph I found in SERP and asked the Command Feature to extract the key statistics from a paragraph. The highlighted text in the image is the output.

Example 15: Extracting Statistics from Raw text to include in the content.

example of extracting statistics from raw text by using SEO ai-powered tool Outranking

Similarly, you can pass a bunch of unstructured text and ask it to extract key information. Well, think about what you can do with this, here is one way to get you to be creative. Use this feature to generate statistics or SEO diagrams for all of your blogs and the number of backlinks you get because people who want to link to your content due to the stats will skyrocket.

How to use AI to extract keywords for SEO: AI tools for keyword research

Until now, python was doing a great job of extracting the primary keywords using NLP, but with the introduction of GPT-3, this is changing the way these tasks are performed.

Now you don’t need any coding knowledge to perform this task. You can interact with the AI right from many content editors.

Let’s look at some examples of how to do this using AI Write in Outranking:

Example 16: Extracting Keyphrases from a raw text

example of extracting key phrases from raw text using Outranking

The output is highlighted. You can see how efficient it is in extracting the main keywords. Similarly, you can use many such combinations to extract key information from any passage.

How is AI helping with SEO analytics?

AI is helping to provide analytics tools for SEO by giving insights into the way people are using websites. It can be used to give more accurate information about who visits a website and how they interact with it.

  1. Inputting keywords and tracking how many times they’re seen across various search engines.
  2. Finding new keywords using machine learning to predict which search phrases are likely to become popular.
  3. Creating different keyword lists based on their popularity and projected future success.

Outranking uses AI to gather this intel from search engine ranking pages to suggest to users the right course of action for AI Write and the users to create optimized content.

How AI can help with sentiment analysis (use case may be different than SEO)

Ai can help with Sentiment analysis by making it easy for people to label their opinion. In order to do this, they must be able to identify emotions in text. The easiest way to identify emotions in the text is by paying attention to which words are used more frequently. With this information, people can come up with their own definitions for what these words represent.

While not much of a use case for content creators, here is how you can do this in Outranking’s AI Write using the Command feature.

Example 17: Sentiment analysis

/command [Context: AI will take over human civilization

Emotion: Sad

Context: AI will help businesses succeed and increase ROI

Emotion]: Happy

The answer is highlighted in bold “Happy”, crazy right?

Generating text around marketing frameworks for product and home pages

How does this help with SEO? Well, it helps indirectly. You can use AI tools to create some killer marketing copy and use that content in your web pages. For example, you can use this content for Product pages, home pages, and landing pages in combination with SEO tools.

Example 18: Write creative product benefit

/command [Write a short product benefits of AI Write feature in Outranking. The review should be less than a paragraph, should be creative in tone of voice, and talk about how AI Write can help content marketers create SEO content at scale.]:


“Outranking is a revolutionary new AI tool that helps content marketers create SEO content at scale.”


Example 19: Create a headline from a raw passage.

/command [Description: Outranking helps build Outline, SEO content briefs, write content using AI, research SERP, and find questions to all the things people are searching for on google.

Write Creative Product Headline:]: Outranking’s AI-Powered Content Writing

Example 20: Extract benefits from the passage

/command [Description: Outranking helps build Outline, content briefs, write content using AI, research SERP, and find questions to all the things people are searching for on google.

Write Benefits for Content writers:]:

AI-Powered Content Writing: Outranking Helps You Build Outline, Content Briefs, and Write Your Way to SEO Success

Example 21: Generating creative Quotes

/command [Write a creative quote about How great Outranking is:]:

“Outranking is a tool that helps you build outliners, content briefs, and write your way to SEO success.”

All the outputs are in bold for each of the examples. You can also convert your content to AIDA and PAS frameworks using AI.

Can AI replace humans for search engine optimization? Why are SEO AI tools important?

Well no. Search engine optimization of content requires a human touch and doesn’t involve AI, as explained in the first point. Look at AI to help you do 50-70 percent of your content writing and researching heavy lifting but actual optimization for search engines requires things that are not in the capacity of AI at the moment.

To make the best use of AI for SEO, you need to use AI capabilities with tools like Outranking to help you optimize content for higher organic reach.

10x your content production

Empowering writers, not replacing them.

SEO AI tools and software For keyword extraction, content writing, and SEO optimization

There are many tools to write content using AI, but there are very few business SEO platforms out there that combine the true strength of SERP analysis and AI to create the best content.

With Outranking AI Writing platform, you can:

  1. Perform SERP analysis
  2. Create Outlines
  3. Find Keywords
  4. Answer Questions
  5. Create featured snippets
  6. Auto build paragraphs
  7. Research content
  8. Create Briefs
  9. Check topic density
  10. Find Keyword Clusters

and much more.

Why do you need AI for SEO success? How can it help you write faster and scale your agency?

AI is reshaping the content industry. Where it was taking 4-8 hours to create a good blog post, it is now taking writers less than 2 hours to come up with the first copy.

This is a significant opportunity for Agencies to scale their operations and create content at scale.

When AI is used with the right set of tools, it can help Agencies:

  1. Write content that is nuanced for the writers
  2. Finish the first draft in 1/10 time.
  3. Optimize content for Humans using AI

To learn more tricks about how to create SEO content using AI, check out our Youtube channel.

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