December 30, 2021
Types of Professional Writing From Fiction to Memos

Types of Professional Writing: From Fiction to Memos

What is professional writing? Professional writing is the process of creating an informative, persuasive, and error-free piece of text as a job or service. The type of content that professional writers are typically engaged in ranges from academic texts like research papers to newspaper articles, websites, and social media posts. Professional writing often refers to writing within the context of a workplace but can mean any type of writing as a profession. The purpose of professional writing is not only […]
December 28, 2021
Types of Opinion Writing in Creative Writing

Types of Opinion Writing in Creative Writing

You can find many different types of opinion writing in creative writing, as well as other forms of literature. Here is a list to help you identify what options you have when writing an opinion piece. What is opinion writing? Opinion writing encompasses formal pieces of writing that include an author’s opinion on a topic with reasons, facts, and resources to legitimize the viewpoint. There are many types of opinion pieces in creative writing, including news articles, reviews, blogs, and […]
December 21, 2021
Content Managers and Strategists Sum Up 2021 New Habits, Skills, and Lessons You Can Learn From

Content Managers and Strategists Sum Up 2021: New Habits, Skills, and Lessons You Can Learn From

As we say goodbye to the Year of the Metal Ox and get ready to welcome the Year of the Water Tiger, we are also summing up 2021. Our team at Outranking.io connected with content managers, strategists, and founders from different companies and discussed the past year. Particularly, we asked about the new habits they have adopted, skills they plan to strengthen, and the best lesson they’d like to share with their peers. If you lead a content team and […]
December 15, 2021
A Short Story About SEO Copywriting

A Short Story About SEO Copywriting

Once upon a time, Google relied largely on keywords, meta tags, and copy in which chosen keywords were placed several times in various parts of the text. While Google does still weigh these factors, they continue to become more sophisticated in their search engine rankings. Now, it’s best to do the following: Use bulleted and numbered lists. Ask and answer questions. Be mobile-friendly. Use properly placed headlines. Include copy or titles using “the top ten…” or similar. Use top keywords […]