SEO Content Research, Writing, and Optimizing Simplified

AI Powered writing assistant to do research, build outlines, write content, and be subject matter expert in minutes.

Step by step Instructions

Guided journey with precise instructions to create and optimize content using competitive SERP data and SEO best practices

  1. Optimize all important SEO elements
  2. Using Related Keywords data in outlines
  3. Visual progress tracking
  4. Friendly UX to power up research, writing and content optimization

    AI Outline Builder

    AI curated outlines from search engine ranking pages(SERP) to identify the most relevant sections the content needs to include.

    1. Drag and drop organizing
    2. GPT-3 powered rewriting and editing
    3. Insert SERP data along with document structure(H2, H3)
    4. AI curated outlines from top ranking SERP

      Related Keywords Data Mapping

      The process of assigning keywords to SEO elements on specific SERP pages based on related keyword research is known as keyword mapping. Outranking makes specific on-page SEO recommendations based on this map to improve topic organic discovery.

      1. Suggestions for best fit related keywords in H2, H3, and all other SEO elements
      2. Mapping related keywords to competitor pages and where they use
      3. Identify keywords gap for ranking opportunities
      4. Find keywords with organic traffic potential

        Highest Frequency Keywords(HFK)

        If you are not learning from the success of other ranking pages, you are not using common sense.

        1. Gather HFK for Titles, Descriptions, H1, H2, H3, URL, Content and other SEO elements.
        2. Determine the most relevant user intent keywords.
        3. Suggestions to use HFK in all important SEO tags.
        4. HFK data for a group of 20-30 SERPs as well as individual pages.


          We extract the most frequently asked questions from Google's "People Also Ask" box, allowing you to discover the user intent behind each query.

          1. Questions from as many as 50 SERP’s
          2. Questions from People also ask
          3. Find conceptually related questions from expanded list of People also ask
          4. Best practice Instructions on how to use Questions in content
          5. Get Questions for even the most complex queries involving long-tail keywords

            Content SEO Scoring

            Score content based on SEO ranking factors and use precise information and instructions to create the most optimized content.

            1. Real time SEO scoring and content assessment
            2. Score all important SEO elements for higher organic traffic
            3. Score competitors and find ranking opportunities
            4. Readability Assessment
            5. Maximum and minimum for use of characters, words, sentences and sections on SERP
            6. Score existing content and follow step by step instructions for optimization

              AI Writing

              Paraphrasing content and rewriting content takes time, lots of time. Outranking makes it easy to identify content needed for the topic and rewrites sentences, SEO tags, outlines, paragraphs, meta descriptions and much more. With minimal editing and content inserting capabilities from SERP, PDF or custom URL, writing the best content is easy peasy!

              1. Rewrite Outlines, Meta description, Paragraphs and almost anything
              2. Fix grammar issues
              3. Improve sentence vocabulary and structure
              4. Using GPT-3 and BERT, take advantage of the most advanced AI writing and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities.


                Collaboration on SEO content is crucial organic traffic success. Outranking empowers your team to build better content easily.

                1. Empower your entire team to think of SEO as a top down approach by giving them access to Outranking and let them build SEO content themselves
                2. Enterprises can make collaboration easy by giving document access to internal teams as well external freelancers and agencies.
                3. Agencies can share links to outlines, briefs and SEO content with writers or clients and manage the content workflow

                  Research on Steroids

                  Reduce time to research from hours to minutes by eliminating the complexity of using multiple expensive tools and tones of manual work

                  1. One click Serp analysis
                  2. Backlink and domain profile
                  3. Editor integrated keyword research
                  4. Search within ranking pages(without opening any additional page)
                  5. Download in-depth SERP analysis data

                    Who Needs Outranking?

                    Enterprises need content ROI, lesser friction and scaling content projects. Think SEO as part of the game and not an after fact.

                    Get more ROI from content

                    Write content that brings results, creates long term value, brings leads and eventually brings more revenue.

                    Remove Friction Between Teams around SEO

                    Get product managers and engineers to think seo when they write content. Empower them to write SEO content without being an SEO Pro.

                    Increase Engagement

                    Create content and optimize tones of content that brings organic traffic, brand awareness and user engagement.

                    Spend less time to product high-quality content and help clients achieve growth targets.

                    Reduce Time and Scale

                    Reduce time to create outlines and SEO content by 10X and optimize more content in less time.

                    Manage content workflow with clients

                    Send briefs, outlines and finished content to clients by easily sharing links to documents.

                    Bring results for your clients

                    Brings more organic traffic and revenue for your clients using cutting edge AI tools (GPT-3, BERT, NLP)

                    62% of clients never come back to a freelance writer because the content quality sucked.

                    Become subject matter expert in minutes

                    Doing research in a niche you have no idea about can be a nightmare. Gather all research in a few clicks!

                    Never miss a deadline

                    90% of clients who delay in delivery, leave and never come back! Don't let over capacity burden you.

                    Deliver quality every time

                    Use AI to paraphrase content (Most times better than humans) and use research to quickly create and optimize content 3X faster.

                    Reduce Time On Research, Meet Your Growth Target
                    And Create Better SEO Content Today!