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This is one of our most existing releases so far! It gives the platform an additional edge for two main reasons:

Reason 1:

The content creation workflow is now built right into the product. This keeps your team and your content creation process aligned. Introducing this feature was particularly challenging because many different customers use our platform with a variety of internal workflows.

Reason 2: 

We started preparing for this powerful research feature a long time ago, even before anyone knew about Google’s helpful content update. We have added several enhancements to the first draft, research, and concept extraction features.

Let’s dig into the details:

1.Workflow enhancements

How this helps

Creating a proper workflow that can follow your content creation process and help you easily reach your publishing goals in Outranking needed some figuring out. With so many tools and so many workflows to choose from, reaching the end goal was cumbersome. With the new release, you can adapt the new workflow enhancements to create any kind of content with any team structure.

How you create new SEO documents

We reduced the number of new document workflows from eight to just three simple options:

  1. Create SEO briefs or first drafts using AI
  2. Create SEO briefs with one click 
  3. Optimize existing content

You can access all of the ways to create a new SEO document using the first workflow. The workflow adapts to how you want to manage the writing and optimization process.

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Workflow progress

The workflow is divided into five steps. Each step and its substeps focus on one task. As you proceed through the workflow to create content, the completed tasks are automatically recorded. This shows you the precise state of the document at all times and helps you pick up where you left off.

Tracking the state of documents

You can share documents with team members at any workflow stage to show them what they need to work on next. This reduces the time spent figuring out how to complete each task.

Creating your workflow as you build the first document

Whether your process involves content briefs or first drafts, you can manage everything using the default workflow. You can set defaults for the major workflow options to skip the prompts in the future. This also prevents team members from using the workflow adapted for the admin account.

2.First draft enhancements

How this helps

First drafts in Outranking have always been factual, but to get the draft to completion, adding additional value is extremely important. When a draft is well polished, adding more value can mean breaking up the entire document and reworking a lot of details. In this release, we have introduced a writing plan that structures the content in a way that makes it easy for you to add more value than your competition.

Addition of the writing plan

The writing plan automatically defines the structure that each section needs to follow. This keeps the AI writing on point and transforms the hidden information from research to make better use of it when writing the content. 

When you create content using the researched writing option, you can modify the writing plan structure.

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We introduced the writing plan to keep the AI in line with the research. It builds a draft that makes it easy for you to add value and easy for your audience to read.

Key point research-based drafts using a writing plan

For writers who prefer more traditional writing using research, the key point drafts now collect information on each element of your writing plan. The research presented is complete and easy for your copywriting team to start from. The categorization of the research into the writing plan makes this one of the most powerful researched writing tools. 

You don’t have to tell it to give you Pros as a list of benefits and associated features, it just knows what to do!

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3.Researched writing with AI

While Outranking already pulls out the most relevant research for each section automatically, fine-tuning the research and adding more value to the first draft was always done after the fact. This added extra steps and did not allow you to add more relevant information to the background data. 

We added a step that solves this issue by allowing you to fine-tune the background information and add any other facts you want to include before writing your first drafts. 

The last step provides a research panel that lets you dig deeper into the topics and SERPs to find more information. We added semantic search capabilities to look within SERPs and custom source pages.

We have many plans for research capabilities that we will roll out in the V9 release series.

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Pankil Shah
Pankil Shah
Co-founder @ Outranking.io