Outranking V7 Release Notes: Workflows, First Draft, Quick Wins, and Much More

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Outranking V7 Release Notes

Outranking V7 Release Notes

Happy new year to the amazing community that has supported us and contributed to building one of the most powerful AI SEO content editors on the planet.

We are excited to announce the launch of V7 of the Outranking platform.

Breakdown of the release:

  1. User interface
  2. First draft
  3. Quick wins 
  4. Optimization
  5. Workflows and Methods
  6. Commenting
  7. Document organization
  8. Integrations
  9. Data improvements
  10. Platform improvements

User interface

Version 7 is a major milestone in how we approach the user experience for creating SEO documents for the web. To make it even more streamlined and easier for new and existing users, we redid the entire platform. 

See this video for highlights of the new user interface.

image1 38

First draft

With V7, we’re introducing the ability to generate the factual first draft of any blog post using a combination of the Outranking Concepts engine and AI for any industry and niche.

While GPT-3 can fail to answer questions about many niche and nuanced topics, Outranking uses concept extraction from SERPs to help you build the foundation of your content. 

The AI first draft consumes AI characters. To generate first drafts, you need at least 100k characters in your account.

image3 40
image2 43

Quick wins

One of the biggest challenges in accelerating your organic presence is the ability to identify and improve existing pages on your website for more organic traffic. 

With quick wins, you can scan through large or small websites and grade each page for SEO strength and the optimization efforts required to improve the ranking. 

You can now:

  • Find pages that can be easily optimized.
  • Find the current search engine position for a given keyword (tracking rank).
  • Create optimization projects.

Search engine optimization guidance

We got rid of the SEO Score and Instructions tab and replaced it with a much more powerful scoring mechanism. 

The Optimization tab under SEO now provides a total breakdown of what matters the most for on-page SEO. 

Our goal going forward with this feature is to help anyone and everyone, with or without SEO knowledge, optimize content for better ranking potential. 

This feature is now much more intuitive and breaks down the steps essential to optimizing content for better rankings.

image5 37

Workflows and Methods

We have made some major changes to Methods and how we approach AI templates. We created workflows that help you write and brainstorm content for the web using well-laid-out steps and processes. 

We added workflows for press releases, webinar pages, recipe posts, and converting YouTube videos to blog posts.

We have also redesigned the feature completely to make it more accessible and user-friendly.

image4 35


One of the most important elements in creating content is a collaboration with team members. We often need to constantly jump back and forth with other document management systems to exchange feedback with the team members collaborating on documents.

We introduced a new feature for commenting, which you can activate by highlighting text in the editor and clicking on the + icon. You can now keep track of all feedback and resolve it as a team or even use the feature for your own reference.

image7 30

Document organization

Last year we had a single user create upwards of 3000 documents. 

With many agencies, enterprises, and individuals on Outranking creating hundreds of documents or more every month, we needed to provide a way to better organize and manage documents.

This release includes:

  • Folders (not nested folders)
  • Tags
  • Improved search
image6 32


This release marks a major milestone for Outranking in pivoting towards a platform strategy and building out connections with the tools you use. To kick this off, we built out a partnership with SEMrush for data.

Now you can connect your SEMrush account using OAuth. As this feature matures, we will build deeper data integrations with other tools that Outranking customers use.

image8 24

Platform improvements

We have made many major and some minor enhancements to the platform in the following categories:

  • Data improvements: Concept summarization, Write for me, and Methods have gone through major overhauls.
  • Google natural language processing (NLP): We improved the extraction and mapping of Google NLP terms.
  • Scraping: We have improved many aspects of our scraping mechanism to remove the unwanted parts of web pages and more accurately scrape the content that needs to be assessed.
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