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March 19, 2022
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March 22, 2022
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We hope you are having fun with Outranking V7. We delivered a beast last month, adding tons of optimizations and writing capabilities to the platform with a complete redesign. 

But then we thought, why not a monster?

V7.5 will elevate the capabilities of the platform in several ways that you will be super excited about. So, let’s get right to it!

1. AI Outlines

With V7, we introduced a complete AI Wizard to help you curate and create outlines. It was incomplete because you still had to figure out where to start. So, we decided to solve this challenge and elevate the features of the AI Wizard by adding the SEO Outline Generator. 

You can now generate H2 ideas in the form of questions that address the search intent and related keywords with just a click of a button. 

Once you modify your H2 headings and arrange them to perfection, you can elaborate on each H2 by generating H3 subheadings that use Google NLP or topics as the core input. 

Since our goal is to create H2s with related keywords and H3s with topics, we asked, why not try to automate most of it? That’s just what we did.

H2 and H3 Ideas

2. Premium Drafts

Premium Drafts are an enhancement to the Concepts engine and its summarization utilities. Right after you create your outlines, you can now create complete factual first drafts. 

Here’s how each section of a Premium Draft is created:

  1. Outranking reads 1000s of lines of text, targeting material that is closely related to the heading or subheading you are working on.
  2. Then, it extracts the key Concepts from that text. These are abstractive summaries of existing information that is extracted based on the sentiment of the headline. You can learn more about Concepts in our previous release notes. 
  3. After this data is collected (Concepts), it is then used to influence the AI in building out the whole section. This is essentially the same way a human would approach writing content.

The Premium Drafts feature is intended to generate first drafts that cover 80–85% of the distance to the finish line.

With that said, we would like to remind you that adding value to your content and going beyond what your competition is doing is still an essential factor for creating better-performing content. So, optimization, copyediting, plagiarism checks, human eyeballs, and using your own brain a bit still play a crucial role.

Premium Drafts

3. Internal outbound link suggestions (beta)

This release also includes enhancements to internal outbound link suggestions. You can now add your sitemap link to your Outranking account. You can then identify the most relevant pages on your website that you should link to. 

Your aim should be to insert links to pages with lower PageRank scores to improve them.

Internal outbound link suggestions

4. Internal inbound link suggestions (beta)

If you are writing a page for a new website or competing against higher-DA websites on Google, it is important to find creative ways to improve your ranking or get your page moving faster.

Since getting backlinks may not be the most ideal solution for much of the website, the challenge now intensifies even more. 

To solve this, we built out tools that identify and suggest pages where you can add an internal inbound link to the current page.

These suggestions make it easy to identify pages with the highest PageRank on your website that is also the most relevant.

Using this trick can help get your content discovered faster and also rank faster.

Internal inbound link suggestions

5. Learning

Because Outranking is so powerful, there is also a slight learning curve to understanding the platform. Making the materials, tutorials, and Bootcamp sessions available at your fingertips was of the utmost importance for us. We added in-app learning utilities, videos, and documentation to help you better understand SEO writing and Outranking.

Learning Utilities

6. Other enhancements

Favorites: Bookmark any tabs you work with often and curate a list of favorites. 

Methods: We will roll out 30 new Methods over the next 7 days. The focus will be adding more SEO, product, and writing utilities. The long-awaited Conclusion Methods are part of this release as well. 

Comments: Now, when you comment in the editor, your team members will get a notification with a snapshot of the comment so they can quickly address the issue and move your content along.

Custom URLs: Now, you will be able to see the headings of your custom URLs in the AI Wizard, as well as hide the ones you don’t need. This can help you with better outline and Concept curation if you are working with niches that are absurd or nuanced.
Bug fixes: This version also addresses all the bugs and enhancements that were reported. This includes language patches, data fetching, subscription, and team management-related issues.

Pankil Shah
Pankil Shah
Co-founder @ Outranking.io