Release Notes: Why Outranking 6.0 Is One of the Most Powerful SEO Content Editors!

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Outranking V5 Release Notes
August 10, 2021
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October 27, 2021
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Why Outranking 6.0 Is one of the most powerful SEO content editors!

Why Outranking 6.0 Is one of the most powerful SEO content editors!

We are excited to announce the release of the 6.0 version of Outranking. This release marks a significant milestone for Outranking in creating the race to create the most powerful long-form content editor that genuinely enables the writers to write factual, researched, and ranking content in the most guided manner. So let’s get into the details.

We have significantly improved Concepts, Core Editor features and added new SEO features in this release.

We will break out the release into two sections

  1. AI writing
  2. SEO

AI writing enhancements and new features

#1 AI Wizard

ai wizard by

Redesign and Extension

One of the most critical features of this release is the guided journey and workflow to create web page content.

The AI wizard now takes up the entire view the first time you enter the editor. The wizard then takes you through the three primary steps: Title, Description, and Outline.

Title and Description

We have added the ability to add custom keywords before generating titles or descriptions in the 1st and the 2nd step.

Outline Builder

In the third step, there are Section concepts, Outline from SERP and Google PAA.

  1. Section Concepts are outlines processed by AI using SERP data to give a much clearer view of what areas of user intents you need to cover. 
  2. SERP Outlines are the outlines from the top 20 pages of Google for a given keyword.
  3. Google PAA contains questions that are relevant to the search term that people are searching for.

Once you complete the Outline step, you can enter the Section/Outline to start researching and writing using Concepts.

How to use the AI Wizard

Watch this video to understand how the AI Wizard can create the best outline for your content in 15 Mins for any niche and any topic.

#2 Better control over Concepts

content creation using concepts

Combining Concepts

Instead of expanding upon individual topics that led to disconnected concept builds, we have added the ability to combine multiple Concepts and summarize them into a concise paragraph. 

You can select up to 4 concepts at a time and summarize them into a concise paragraph.

role of concepts in content creation

Regeneration capabilities

To create multiple types of concepts using the same source in the same H tag, we added regeneration capabilities that allow you to select a different template despite having an existing Concepts list populated.


Breaking Concepts into H2 and H3

With the new templates we have added for Concepts, it becomes of paramount importance that we allow users to break these concepts into stand-alone H tags. This gives you better control over creating content from custom content such as youtube video transcripts.


Paragraph transitions between multiple generations

Concept summarizations now can read through some portions of previous content to transition into new paragraphs.

content creation with

Controlling what pages Concepts read

Now you can turn off any pages from the search engine ranking pages to be allowed into the Concept reading mechanism. Turning off unwanted RLS from Concepts visibility will enable you to control where Concepts pulls the data from.

domain authority analysis by


We want to reduce edits and delete and give tools that provide insane productivity when writing content using the most advanced tech.

Outranking is a platform to create fluff-free factual content that makes the most impact and provides value, AND there is no room for mediocrity.

#3  New Templates for Concepts

templates for concepts


The FAQ template can be used to extract the Questions a particular section covers using the existing research.

questions section

Use case examples:

  1. Create headers from Youtube or Podcast transcripts.
  2. Creations subsections


This powerful template can read through the content and extract related information to a Hag. 

This template is very powerful when creating content from an unstructured or large amount of text about many different topics. You can extract Concepts related to any heading you add in the H tag.

content creation template


  1. After extracting the question from the previous template, you can use the Related template to collect Concepts that answer that question only.


When building out introductions of a particular section or H tag, selecting this template will get the introduction from the Source.

creating introductions with

#4 Improvement in search engines

More accuracy in identifying the source

We have significantly enhanced our data discovery model to collect the research better.

Ability to find multiple sources

Further, Concepts is now able to read into multiple sources of information. This will help writing more wholesome content that covers dispersed smaller topics within a bigger topic.

#5 Write for me

outputh length


The AI Write tab is gone.

We moved the AI write tab in the footer of the Editor to make it always visible when you write content.

Better quality with more intelligent logic

We are now not only using AI to write but also to determine how to write smarter.

The Editor now can automatically detect the relationship between H3, H2, and Title. I can also understand, without any guidance, what your intent is behind clicking write for me. It can see the beginning of the paragraph, new paragraphs, completions, and when to answer automatically.


Now writers can have better control over the tone of writing for more human-readable text.

#6 Methods

adding methods

What are methods?

Methods are custom procedures that can be created as public or private methods. Methods can help you create automated processes that, with one click, can generate content with specific requirements. 

For example:

  1. Write a long introduction paragraph for an essay about #TITLE# using the tone of a mom. 
  2. Create subchapters for #SELECTION#
  3. Translate the #Last_Content# into Spanish. 

Possibilities are endless.

Private Methods

Private Methods are for you to use and have a limit of 600 characters. Methods created by the account admin can be visible and be used by all the sub-account holders.

Public Methods

Public Methods are methods contributed by community members. These Methods go through an approval process, and approval of any method can take 2-3 business days. 

The content of the public methods is not visible or editable by users once approved. 

This feature opens up the possibility to do some unimaginable things using AI. We will leave the creative imagination to Outranker’s.


In this release, we have also made some significant strides on the SEO front. Let’s look at the two new features that got a big lift.

#7 Multi-keyword Research

multi-keyword research

Now you can pull research from multiple keywords in the same Document. This will help you score your content for up to 10 focus keywords. 

While switching between these keywords, your Outline, and AI wizard data will not change, but everything else will.

Concepts will only look at the Keyword research you are currently browsing.

#8 Topic Coverage and Related Keywords – Google NLP

Data enhancement using BERT and Google NLP

topic coverage

Topic coverage got a significant lift for data improvements. We are not using Google NLP alongside BERT to more accurately pinpoint critical topics. 

You can also see the minimum and maximum uses of a particular topic. Note: this is not by any means a suggested value for keyword use in your content. 

We strongly believe, creating content using topic density is the most useless way to create content.

Heat Maps of Keyword and Topic usage

related keywords heat map

We wanted to give further granularity to how the competition uses keywords in their content and use that heat map to improve your SEO efforts.

While these heat maps are a core part of how we score a document, it was not easy to identify, categorize and label the usage of these keywords. 

Clicking on the heat map icon opens up a comprehensive view that can be sorted for each domain. 

We also added an extended heatmap to quickly find the opportunities and map your current usage against the competition.

SEO optimization of Headings and Sentences with Related keywords and Google NLP Topics

SEO optimization of Headings and Sentences

Optimizing headings with related keywords and sentences with topic keywords is one of the essential things that help content drive discovery in search engines. 

This process of optimization takes a couple of red bulls and eyes as big as an owl. 

No more. You can now click on the AI icon next to any keyword to quickly identify headings and sentences that can be a potential fit for a particular keyword. 

Identify sentences and headings to insert relevant keywords and optimize, so it has a higher potential of discovery in search engines. 

You can select the suggested source and click SEO Optimize to automatically rewrite the sentence or the heading with the inserted keyword.

#9 Keyword Gap Analysis

Keyword Gap Analysis

In business, there is always competition. Your competitors may rank and get a lot of organic traffic for keywords that you are unaware of, or you may get much less traffic than they do for those keywords. If you know what keywords drive traffic to your competitor’s websites but not to your own, you can create new content to target those keywords.

With the new release of Outranking, you will now be able to identify the keywords that generate organic traffic for your competitors, in addition to creating SEO content to target them.

The new feature “Keyword Gap Analysis” will help you analyze your competitors’ keywords to identify a gap between yours and theirs.

You can analyze up to four competitors in each batch of analysis.

Just enter your competitors’ top-level domain names and specify the location and language to start analyzing.

You will get a report listing keywords that generate organic traffic for your competitors with many metrics like search volume, page URL, cost per click, and keyword difficulty. Also, you will get the Keywords Gap list that shows the difference between your traffic and your competitors all together.

You can target the gap keywords provided by the result of the analysis with a single click.

10x your content production

Empowering writers, not replacing them.

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