AI for SEO Content Creation, and Optimization Guide With Practical Examples
July 14, 2021
Why Outranking 6.0 Is one of the most powerful SEO content editors!
Release Notes: Why Outranking 6.0 Is One of the Most Powerful SEO Content Editors!
September 23, 2021
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version 5

We call this release V5 and the theme of the release is “Concepts”

V5 is a two part release:
1. First focusing mainly on the enhancements to AI Writing capabilities
2. Second focusing mainly on enhancements to search engine optimization capabilities (August End Launch)

UI enhancements

Side panel

In order for us to give you more productivity tools we revisited our design and added a panel where we can add more controls.

side panel

Concepts builder is a new addition

Concepts builder opens up the Outline in an expanded screen and allows you to do research, go through SERP content and questions and insert content or elements into the Concepts builder.

concepts builder

Footer controls

We have a few controls that allow you to modify some tags and the text format in the footer. H1, H2, H3, ordered and unordered lists and image controls can be found in the footer. 

Another addition to these controls is the ability to see how many sentences, words and characters you have in your current document.

number of sentences, words and characters in your doc

AI Wizard – using Concepts

Before when you created a document, you landed upon the SEO content overview tab. We changed that to adhere to an optimal user experience and added an AI wizard that can automatically create Title, Meta Description, URL. It can also generate ideas for SEO optimized headings for your post.

generate title ideas with ai wizard


Generate meta titles will create 5 unique titles using SERP and keyword data.

To adjust and rewrite the title by double clicking on the title and editing it. 

Select the title and click next to go to meta description.

title ideas

Meta Description

Generate description will create 5 unique meta descriptions using SERP and keyword data. 

To adjust and rewrite the meta description  double click on the description and edit it. 

Select the title and click next to go to the outline generator.

generate meta description with ai wizard


In the Sections you can generate outline will create close to 40 topics that you can include to guide your content structure.

These headings are created using related keywords, search intent and SERP data. They are NOT copied from other web pages or rephrased. 

They are created using concepts collected from SERP data infused with related keywords that can help you rank faster. Including as many RELEVANT ones from the list will improve your chances of ranking. 

These are high level outline headings and most content have subheadings that go under headings to expand upon the subject. 

Select the ones you want to add to your Outline builder and click next.

creating content using sections


Outlines section is for generating outlines and it is like an outline builder went through some major changes for design and features. We added the Concepts builder inside the outlines builder.

Generating Outline

  1. This generates outlines in a similar way as the AI Wizard. 
  2. To add a topic manually click on the “Add topic to outline” button.

You can also navigate to Sections from SERP or Questions and click the add icon to add them to your outline.

generating concepts with


The umbrella icon is an indication that a feature is using concepts.

using ai characters for generating concepts

Method 1# Building Concepts from SERP – Default

generate concepts
Useful for: First time users, building guided paragraphs, getting data from SERP

Clicking Generate Concepts will find the best and the closest outline to the meaning behind your title and get all the content from the passages underneath and start building Concepts that you can create content around.

If you are new to Concepts, use the default method first to collect Concepts.

It is in some cases possible that Concepts was not able to collect any information from search engine ranking pages. In those situations, it will give you an alert. In this case you can also have an option to add you custom content to help and feed AI with your specific content.

It is also possible that sometimes the content you get from concepts might not be very relevant. In those cases you can delete each concept and use the second method to build concepts from.

Method 2# Building Concepts from custom content

Building Concepts from custom content

Useful for: Generating concepts from other web pages such as Amazon product pages, some existing briefs or notes, unstructured raw text or ideas, content from Product Reviews and almost any kind of text.

Click on the setting icon in the right corner of the concept screen and add any custom description up to 1800 characters, that is approximately 350 words

Using shorter text multiple times will generate more accurate Concepts output.

You then use the default concepts and just click Generate Concepts or you can follow Method#3 to fine tune your output for specific cases.

fine tune your output

Method 3# Building Concepts with specific purpose by using templates

use templates to build concepts

Templates are a great way to extract concepts that can help you write specific sections of your concept. For example you can extract Concepts in form of benefits, disadvantages, features, steps in the current release. We will add many more templates based on user feedback and our product strategy.

Language support release timeline

With the release on 8/10 we will roll out English support. We currently support 13 languages. Support for these languages have been scheduled to be added as below. 

Spanish, FinnishAug 11, 2021
Danish, DutchAug 12, 2021
French, German Aug 13, 2021
Greek, ItalianAug 14, 2021
Polish, PortugueseAug 15, 2021
Russian, ArabicAug 16, 2021


What is the add-on price for characters?

29 USD/Month – 300K

59 USD/Month – 1 Million

How is character consumption calculated?

Character consumption is calculated two different ways based on functionality. Below is the breakdown.

  1. Input + output characters 
  2. Output characters only
AI write Output only
Shorten, Expand, Rewrite, CommandOutput only
Concepts creation in AI WizardOutput only
Concepts everywhere in Outline/Concepts builderOutput + Input

Can anyone use Concepts?

Yes, anyone can use concepts.  The only limitation is on the consumption of AI credits.

10x your content production

Empowering writers, not replacing them.

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