Outranking Release 3.1

Outranking 3.0 Release – AI WRITE, 13 languages, workflow improvements, and new features
May 21, 2021
Content Writing Tips for Beginners: How to Write Content Google Loves
Content Writing Tips for Beginners: How to Write Content Google Loves
June 16, 2021
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version 3.1

Highlights of the release:

  1. AI writing with GPT-3
  2. History – Versoning and AI Output History
  3. Section Snippets 
  4. Bug fixes

AI writing with GPT – 3

Outranking introduces full scale AI writing using GPT-3. Unlike other Natural Language generation tools that use GPT 3, Outranking leverages the data from SERP to come up with clever content recommendations.

What can you do with the AI Write feature in Outranking?

  1. Auto create meta descriptions
  2. Answer Questions Sections
  3. Create Instructions type Featured Snippet Answer
  4. Create Definition type Featured Snippet
  5. Complete sentences and paragraphs
ai write

History – Versioning and AI Output History

With the introduction of AI Write, content marketers will be able to speed up the process of creating ranking content even faster.

With the introduction of AI write and the feedback from our community, we felt it was absolutely essential to introduce a feature that manages the history of the document and all the AI writing. 

Team members collaborating on one document can now see the version history of the document. As well as all the inputs and outputs provided to AI for rewriting and writing.


Section Snippets

With this release, we added the ability to see what the H2 or H3 tag is about by allowing you to see the immediate paragraph that follows after that subheading.

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Bug Fixes

  1. Image Upload leading to UI crash
  2. UI breaking due to large Images
  3. Import URL showing special characters
  4. Language Stopword library enhancements
  5. Performance Improvements

10x your content production

Empowering writers, not replacing them.

Pankil Shah
Pankil Shah
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