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June 16, 2021
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July 4, 2021
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We are excited to announce the release of Outranking 4.0. Content marketing is becoming more and more competitive. As bots start spinning out content and throwing to the wall to see what sticks, the heavy lifting behind creating great content is all going to rest upon how well your research is. 

When we set out to build Outranking, we had one goal in mind. Make it Easy to create and optimize content for the web. 

Outranking has some of the best tool sets to research, write and optimize content for higher organic traffic, but with this release we have kicked it up a notch. 

Today’s 4.0 release is divided into three categories for enhancements and new features:.

  1. SEO
  2. AI Write
  3. Platform

SEO Enhancements and new features:

#1 Automation of Content Brief (new)

Outranker’s can now click on the small content brief icon on the header, customize the output for a brief on the right main panel and click generate brief. 

The content brief on default settings is very detailed so make sure to customize the setting as well as the content as per your requirement.

image14 3
image11 6

# 2 Scratchpad (new) – Above Content brief control opens scratchpad

Instead of adding the brief to the editor, we created a new feature called Scratchpad.

Scratchpad can be used to collect ideas, organize thoughts, perform AI function and generate content briefs. 

Essentially Scratchpad serve as your AI notepad.

image7 16


#3 Sections (enhancement)

We have added a new feature called “Rearrange”. This tab allows you to rearrange your outlines (and the content under the section) within your documents. This specially helps when rearranging sections in a very long article. 

You can also now hover over the section (H tags) and see what kind of tag it is.

image18 2

# 4 Related Keywords (enhancement)

There are a few enhancements to related keywords.

  1. There are a few enhancements to related keywords. You will see a new S icon next to the competitive density for each keyword. S represents SERP mention and allows you to narrow down on the related keywords that you absolutely need to include. It also shows the number of times this keyword has been used in the SERP pages.
image13 6

2. Now you have the ability to click on a related keyword box and highlight that keyword usage in the content.

image3 21

# 5 Topic Clusters (new)

We understand many of you have been working with topic clusters in your content creation strategy. Outranking now creates topic clusters using SERP’s and Related keywords to give you a holistic view of the clusters to cover around a topic. 

You can also filter these clusters by one, two and three words.

image5 18

# 6 Current Density (new)

Keyword density concept has been at the center of how SEO’s gage the right amount of keyword usage in the content to make sure you are not doing keyword stuffing. 

You can now gauge the density of topics you need to cover from SERP and also your current content density. It is important to separate these two because if there is a topic that your content covers but is not relevant from the angle of SERP, this will help nail down the overused keywords from your existing content. Specially helpful for optimizing existing content.

image9 9

AI Write

We have made major improvements and additions to our AI write feature. We wanted to introduce you folks to the powerful world of AI and Outranking capabilities. Let’s talk about the seven new additions first.

#1 Write for me

Now Outranker’s have the ability to control the length of the output for all the AI writing features by sliding the control on the bar to give short, medium or long output. 

AI Writers can see the last 600 characters that include your title, any custom description and the text above the cursor. 

Custom description is not necessary, but in most cases can help AI get more context about the topic you are writing about. 

To make the AI not read above certain sections you can use /// between paragraphs.

image8 13

#2 Popup Controls

We have added popup controls as well as keyword shortcuts to use some new AI features. 

Popup control is visible on selection of some text. We will cover what each of these controls do in detail.

image20 1

#3 Rewrite 120

Selecting up to 120 characters of text and clicking on this feature will rewrite using AI.

image15 2

#4 Rewrite 500

Selecting up to 500 characters of text and clicking on this feature will rewrite using NLP. 

There are other ways to rewrite longer paragraphs using GPT-3 which we will discuss in the next few sections.

image6 17

#5 Shorten

Selecting up to 200 characters and using this feature will shorten the text and make it more concise.

image2 23

#6 Expand

Selecting up to 120 characters of text and using this feature will expand the topic. For eg you can expand upon a statement or section title.

image17 2

#7 Command

Command is a very powerful utility that can take your instructions and be your personal AI writing assistant.

image12 7

Example 1: Writing a paragraph about something  using certain keywords.

image1 20

Example 2: Creating an outline using the highest frequency words and targeting a certain number of topics.

image16 2

Example 3: Translate some text in German.

image4 19

Platform Enhancement

Improved UI for SERP analysis

We have improved the under interface of SERP analysis and also increased the performance of this feature. 

We have separated the history of SERP research from SEO documents to allow you to keep them two separate.

image19 2

API keys

In your profile settings, you will find a unique API key. You will need this key to be able to access Outranking from your WordPress or Google Docs plugins.

image10 7

WordPress and Google Docs (under review) Plugin Launch

The Outranking WordPress plugin is officially live in the market place and you should be able to get a key from your account and connect WordPress to Outranking.

WordPress Plugin URL

You can import, export and see the score of documents from your WordPress plugin. We have many enhancements planned for this feature in upcoming releases.

Image Resizing

We have added the ability to resize the images in the editor.

Video Preview

Pankil Shah
Pankil Shah
Co-founder @ Outranking.io