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One-time payment

15-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Outranking isn't right for you? No Problem. Submit your refund request withing 15 days from from your purchase through our contact us page, and we'll refund in full, no questions asked.

What does Outranking.io do?

  • Outranking.io is an AI-powered tool that helps to research, write and optimize content for higher organic traffic quickly and efficiently.
  • Outranking Platform provides actionable insights and step-by-step instructions to help everyone in creating SEO content and performing in-depth research! Regardless of whether you are an expert or not.
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Reduce Time On Research, Meet Your Growth Target And Create Better SEO Content Today!

Benefits of Outranking Lifetime deal

Lifetime Access for One Price

When you purchase any lifetime plan, you will have lifetime access to the Platform and all new features.

Learn From Community

Be a key part of product roadmap and learn from Outranking community of experts and fellow marketers.

Content 10X Faster

The most powerful platform to create content 10X faster and bring 3X more traffic using a data driven approach.

Search is evolving, so is Outranking

We work around the clock to add features and fix any bugs. We push a new release every two weeks.

Excellent Customer Support

Customer support that knows SEO and content. Contact us any time on chat, email or facebook.




Our lifetime plan users will be able to access and use all new future features.
  • "Lifetime Starters" plan users will get the same new features as our "Starters" plan
  • "Lifetime Pro" plan users will also get the same new features as our "Professional" plan.

If you are not fully satisfied or realized that the product is not just what you're looking for, we will refund 100% of your money within 15 days from the day of your purchase. Submit your refund request through our contact us page, and we'll refund your money in full, no questions asked.

Unfortunately the lifetime plans are not stackable. However, if you buy any monthly plan later, we will add the monthly plan limits on top of your lifetime deal plan limits. 

If you reach the lifetime plan monthly limits, you will not be able go beyond. It means that until the end of month you will not be able to create a new document or analysis. We reset the monthly limits at the beginning of subscription date.

However, you can buy a monthly plan and we can add that monthly plan limits on top of your lifetime plan limits.

Yes, we provide support for our products whether you have a monthly plan or lifetime plan. You can always reach out us through our "Contact Us" page or send an email to support@outranking.io

The best way to ask a question is through our community group on Facebook.

In addition, we have some resources that you may find helpful.

You can either perform a SERP analysis or create a new SEO document or do a question search. Performing any of these will consume from your limit. Performing any of these activities for the same keyword will only consume 1 credit from your limits.

What is SERP Analysis? Analysis of top ranking pages in Google for all important on-page and off-page SEO elements around a focus keyword is known as SERP Analysis. 

What is a SEO Document? Research gathered in the Outranking SEO editor for new content creation or optimization of an existing content is considered a SEO document. 

Outranking allows you to rewrite content using AI, there is a set limit allocated for each plan. GPT 3 is new tech, improving it, maintaining it and fixing it is a huge overhead. 

Once you consume your character limits, you can buy an add on for more characters.

  • A SERP Analysis performs in-depth research when you submit a search query keyword or phrase to analyze Google SERP  and each results on that page individually to gather all data. Each completed SERP Analysis will deplete your monthly limit. When you use the same keyword or phrase to perform a SERP Analysis again later will be considered only one SERP Analysis. Same search query used to analyze SERP will not consume your limit.
  • Document is the SEO Content that has been created through Outranking SEO Content Editor. Each document is attached to a search query or phrase and has suggestions related to that search query. Users write, rewrite, and apply Outranking recommendations on those documents. Documents can be saved with tags, status and name attributes.
  • Optimization term refers to the existing content that you want to optimize with Outranking SEO Content Editor by targeting a search query. You can either import existing content from a URL or manually add content to a document. When you start optimizing, you also enter a search keyword to get recommendations based on that keyword or phrase.

Yes, you can see our roadmap and suggest new features or give some feedbacks at https://roadmap.outranking.io

Unfortunately we don't have an option to pay via PayPal.