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Frequently Asked Questions


There are 5 LTD plans available on Appsumo, select the one which fits perfectly with your requirement.

Here is the link to buy the LTD plan on Appsumo: https://appsumo.com/products/outranking

We have come across that you have been using outranking in a good capacity to generate well-researched, relevant high-quality content to serve your purpose. 

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Video walkthroughs are the best way to learn how to use Outranking. 

Youtube Channel 

You can also join our Facebook community to know more about how to use the system and to get suggestions on your requirements from real users.

Below is the link to the Facebook group, members discuss and share ideas on how to use outranking to its full potential.

Based on 2000 words article, below is the breakdown of how much you can potentially consume for a full post researched and written with Outranking

Each word has an average of 5 characters. 

2000X5 = 10,000 characters total

You can consume 2 to 3 times more than 10,000 characters to do research, create outlines, generate concepts and write using AI. 

Depends on the depth of your research using Concepts.

Your monthly credits get reset as per the date of purchase of your plan on Outranking.

In case you want to increase monthly credits, login into outranking and select an "add-on" plan available in the settings tab of your profile.

We have two addons $29 for 300K characters and 59 for 1 M characters.

We are not like any other AI or GPT-3 tool that generates content out of thin air. To create Concepts and influence the AI to write about the context and create such high quality content, takes a tremendous amount of data processing, this is not cheap. 

If you find value in using Concepts, you can buy an Add-on to add more characters to your account.

You can check out your credits and usage by clicking on the profile tab, under the settings page once you log in.

Below is the screenshot to help you locate your credits and usage:

You can mail us your query on support@outranking.io

We usually respond within 12 hours and 7 days a week.

This error can occur when the internet connection is unstable, poor or it gets disconnected.

You can join our Facebook community to know more about how to use the system and to get suggestions on your requirements from real users.

Below is the link to the Facebook group:


Yes, three monthly subscription plans are available on outranking.

Below is the link to check out further information on all the monthly subscription plans.



The amount is prorated and adjusted so you don't have to pay the full price if you change your subscription in the middle of the cycle.

All you need to do is email support@outranking.io or chat with one of the representatives for a refund.

You will receive it back in the account from where it was charged.


Monthly credits can be increased by login into outranking and selecting an "add-on" plan available in the settings tab of your profile.

Add-on character limits are 2 million characters per month which are equivalent to approximately 400K words/month.


Yes, Outranking can do everything that Conversion.ai can and more for Long form content writing.


Yes! Outranking uses GPT-3 along with NLP and NLG for better results.

Outranking is more of a SERP analysis, content research, optimization and creation platform for high traffic. Keyword Research can be done accurately on MOZ, SEMRUSH or ubersuggest.com

Yes, Outranking uses natural language generation for better results.

Yes. outranking works on your grammar mistakes, You can also add Grammarly extension for better writing.

As of now, they don't have it, But it will be added soon in new releases as per the road map created by outranking.

Anyone who wants to monetize their audience engagement and also capable of writing reviews, making posts, creating videos, engaging with followers, and etc.

You are not required to purchase any package. We also have a package that is completely free and does not require any credit card information. Besides that, we highly advise you to check out the Outranking Platform for writing trustworthy reviews or making credible recommendations.

The total amount of commissions will be calculated at the end of each month and paid via PayPal within the following next 7 days. The minimum payout is $50.

The cookie has a lifetime of 60 days. If a referral purchases a subscription within 60 days of the first visit, the commission will be credited to your account.

Yes, there are some restrictions on followings:

  • If you run a paid search campaign, you are not allowed to bid on branded keyword search terms such as "Outranking", "Outranking.io", "Outranking Platform" and "Outranking Tools".
  • It is not allowed to impersonate Outranking.io or mislead people into thinking that your company is Outranking.

If you violate any restrictions, you will be notified by email and will be removed from the affiliate partner program.

No, you cannot do that. Self-referrals are not permitted and can result in removal from the affiliate program. The main purpose of the Outranking.io Affiliate Partner Program is to promote and raise awareness about our product(s), not to receive discounts.


Yes! Outranking has many resources to help get started with Outranking. Documentation and videos can be found on the outrankig.io's resources section and there is also a Youtube channel for tutorials and videos.