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SEO Tools

Related Keywords

Keywords mapping, Simentically related keywords, Related keywords research


Google NLP Terms

Important topics extracted using Googles AI and natural language processing


On-page Optimization Guidance

13+ On-page optimization guidance. Title, Meta, Outline, Images, Links, Keywords, Topics, Anchor text, Content depth, Readability, URL

Internal link suggestions

Keywords mapping, Simentically related keywords, Related keywords research

SEO Heatmap of related keywords and NLP terms

Mapping the usage of these keywords with the competing web pages to analyze gaps in content.

SEO Content briefs

Automation of SEO Content briefs for keypoints to cover, and all SEO elements to optimize for

AI Tools

Research extraction using SERP Concepts

Auto extract factual research from ranking pages to influence AI to write

AI Writing - Continuous approach

Sentence and paragraph completions using AI

AI Writing - Modular approach

Writing content blocks or sections using factual research with clicks

AI Premium Drafts

Build complete first draft using factual data, research extraction and AI writing

As a service

AI Outline Builder

Generate SEO optimized outlines

50+ Writing Methods

Create product pages, Home pages, YouTube, Webinar page, Press release and much more

Very different

Very different

Organization and collaboration

Folders, Tags, Teams




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