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How to Create the Title and Meta Description

The title is one of the most important on-page SEO elements. Having the right title can greatly improve your chances of ranking for a keyword. 

The meta description doesn’t hold that much importance because Google shows the description that it prefers in most cases, but it’s still an opportunity to rank for additional keywords and guide Google to understand what the content is about.

Use focus keywords

Importance of using exact focus keywords in the title

Having the exact keyword in the title tag greatly improves your odds of ranking for that focus keyword. 

By default, Outranking’s search engine results page (SERP) analysis will pull in the keywords you need to generate a title.

The most important part of your title must be within 50 characters

Your title should be about 50 characters and must include the focus keyword

Use user intent

Creating a title that doesn’t direct the user based on the search intent is where most content fails to rank

If someone is looking for types of copywriting jobs, they don’t want to read about why copywriting is helpful. Your audience wants types, so focus on the intent, and make sure your title and meta description align with that.

Generate the title and meta description using AI

Create a new document with the SEO Blog type. You will land on the AI Wizard. 

The AI Wizard walks you through the steps of creating an SEO title, description, and outline that align with the keyword intent.

  1. Click Generate Title.
Generate Title

2. If you don’t like the titles, generate more.

3. Pick the title that suits you, or double-click a title and edit it for perfection.

Edit Title

4. Click Next and repeat the process for the meta description.

Add more keywords before generating suggestions

To generate the title and description using additional keywords, simply add the keyword to the Keywords input box and click Generate Title Ideas again.

Add Keyword

Adjust to personalize

The title and description produced are ideas that closely align with the intent and are generated using the data we found on SERPs, but it is important to personalize them and fix any errors. 

These are unique and not plagiarized or rewritten from other sources. 

  1. Double-click the best option to edit it.
  2. Click anywhere outside to save.
  3. Select it and click Next.
Adjust to Personalize
Generate Meta Description
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