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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the resources to learn Outranking?

You can find Documentation, Youtube videos, Webinar recordings, and our Facebook community for resources to learn Outranking, to check all the resources in one place click here.

2. Are AI characters unlimited for every plan?

While the fair use policy applies, the AI credits allotted per plan for every plan are generous enough to create/recreate documents allotted in your plan.

3. What payment methods are supported?

Outranking supports all major credit cards and debit cards. We also support bank transfers for annual plans. To purchase an annual plan with a bank transfer, please reach out to support

4. What is a document/article?

Any document create to write with AI, create a brief, or optimization of existing content is known as an SEO document. Every plan is limited by SEO documents. To get more documents, connect with support.

5. What is researched writing?

The practice of automating research to influence AI when writing content is called research writing. Outranking uses Researched writing method and hence can write about any nuanced topic even if it just happened yesterday, unlike other AI tools.

6. What is the First Draft?

The first draft automates the generating of content for the entire webpage using AI. Outranking can automatically write the content using Outlines and background research.

7. How do I reach Support?

You can chat with support from any page on the website or application. If you have javascript disabled, use the contact us page to email us.

8. How frequently is the SEO score updated? How do I refresh it manually?

The SEO score is updated automatically every 2 minutes. You can click on the refresh icon to refresh it manually.

9. How do I import a URL and optimize an existing document?

Select SEO Optimization in the Type drop-down. The URL option is only visible when you are optimizing an existing document. Simply enter the URL of the web page that you want to optimize using Outranking and move on to the next step. 

If you don’t have a URL but have the content in a file somewhere, use the SEO Blog document type and paste the content into the editor once the document is created. 

Importing content from a URL:

new document optimize 1

You can also import content by using this utility:

import URL

Most content writing tools only score the content for topics. Creating and optimizing content for higher rank and traffic requires a lot more than just topics. Outranking analyzes 13 elements, with a core emphasis on related keyword usage and placement. 

Once you are on the Optimize step click on Check on-on page SEO to optimize all the SEO elements.

Make sure you have a higher SEO content score and high strength for every factor shown in the image below:

check on page seo

10. How do I integrate Outranking with Google Docs?

Here are the steps to integrate with Google Docs.

Step 1: Go to Google Docs and click Add-ons > Get add-ons > search for Outranking > add it.

Step 2: Then click Add-ons > click Outranking > click on Start>click the Settings icon in the Outranking window on the right. Enter the API key and you are good to go!

11. How do I integrate Outranking with WordPress?

To integrate with WordPress, you can download the Outranking plugin and use the API key to integrate.

This screenshot shows where you can find the API key:


Please enter the above API key on the plugin settings page as below:

Plugin Settings Page

Download the WordPress plugin.

12. How do I delete a document?

You can permanently delete a document by clicking on the Delete icon in the Dashboard. If you don’t want to delete the document permanently, you can archive it. Once you archive your document, it is no longer available in the document list on the Dashboard.

All your archived documents are under the Archived tab, and you can unarchive them at any point in time.

Screenshot showing how to delete or archive a document:

Delete Document

13. How many credits do I need to write an article?

Based on a 2000-word article, below is the breakdown of how much you might consume for a full post researched and written with Outranking

Each word has an average of 5 characters.

2000 × 5 = 10,000 characters total

You might consume 3 to 4 times more than that total of 10,000 characters to do research, create outlines, generate Concepts, and write using AI. This depends on the depth of your research using Concepts.

14. Is AI writing supported for all 10 languages?

Outranking currently supports English, Spanish, Finnish, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, French, Danish, and Polish.

AI writing is supported by all of them.

15. How do I use the edit controls?

Edit Controls
Each button has a different function.

Using the Command option

The Command option is a very powerful utility that can take any written instructions and generate text in response to them.

Command Icon


To rewrite the text in the editor or improve the readability, select up to 120 characters and click the Rewrite icon.

Rewrite Icon


To expand upon a short segment of text, select it and click the Expand icon in the pop-up. This adds more context to the selected text.

Expand Icon


To shorten a sentence, select the context and click the Shorten icon in the pop-up. This makes the text more concise.

Shorten Icon

Converting a heading to a question

Google loves questions. To convert a headline into question format, select the headline and click the Question icon.

Question Icon

16. How to optimize existing content that’s not live yet?

Create a new document by using option 1 “AI first draft or detailed SEO brief” (and not “optimize existing content“). 

new document optimize

Once you are on the title, directly go to “sections” and then go to “section builder”, you will see the editor where you can paste your existing content.

section builder

Once you have pasted the content in the editor, refresh the SEO score and start optimizing.

refresh the SEO score and start optimizing

17. Can I rearrange the labels in the writing plan under the research?

You can rearrange labels after they are generated, you can delete them and add them in the order you want.

rearrange the labels in the writing plan under the research

18. Can I add my custom labels to the writing plan under the research?

Yes, you can add custom labels to the writing plan by clicking on the setting icon and adding your own labels under the “writing plan” box.

You can anything you can think of as a prompt that AI will use to write around. 

add my custom labels to the writing plan under the research

19. How can I hide the workflow steps panel on the left?

To skip workflow steps you can simply click on the arrow on the workflow tab and the workflow steps will shrink under the workflow tab.

skip workflow steps

Click on “sections” and then go to “section builder”, you will see the editor where you can start writing content.

section builder

20. Do I need to pay extra for the STRATEGIST module?

Yes, the strategist is a Pro feature that works with an add-on plan. You can buy the Strategist add-on plan from the add-on tab of the settings page of your account.

add on 1

21. Can I add multiple domains from the Google search console?

Yes, you can add multiple domains from the Google search console given you have ownership access to the domains.

22. How can I check my credit consumption?

To check your and your team’s credit consumption you can click on the “Consumption” tab on the settings page of your account.

credit consumption

Also, there is more info on credits consumption: https://www.outranking.io/docs/v7/credit-consumption

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