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Credit Consumption

Outranking has many tools to help you write and optimize your content. The consumption of credits can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Documents
  2. Keywords
  3. AI characters
  4. Users
  5. Premium drafts

The below guide walks you through all the utilities and explains the type and number of credits consumed for each action.


New SEO document1 document credit
New Actions project1 document credit
New Strategist project1 document credit


New SEO document1 search credit
Multiple focus keywords1 search credit per focus keyword
Explore cluster1 search credit
Quick Wins – Initial score1 search credit
Internal link – Inbound1 search credit per search
Internal link – Outbound1 search credit per search

AI characters

The consumption of AI characters depends on your usage and which Outranking features you use:

AI Wizard
– Title
– Description
– Outline
Output text
ConceptsInput text + output text
MethodsOutput text
Write for meOutput text
Edit controls – Expand, Shorten, Command, Improve, and Convert to QuestionOutput text
AI Draft – Key pointsInput text + output text
AI Draft – AI and snippetsOutput text
Premium draftInput text + output text


Add team member1 user credit

E. Premium first draft

1 premium draftThe whole process of creating one premium draft can consume 2–5 times the final amount of text generated.
Premium drafts are generated after reviewing tons of text before conceptualizing it and using it as inspiration to write. They require more processing and more advanced AI models to generate the output and hence have a 100K AI credit balance requirement.

F. Examples of credit consumption

Example of one complete premium draft with one focus keyword

TypeDocumentsSearchesAI characters
New document11
Premium draft32,519
Inbound internal link (4)4
Outbound internal link (1)1

The number of words generated for this draft was 3509, which is 19,535 characters.

Example of Quick Wins project with 50 pages updated with score

New project1
Full analysis11

Example page optimization with no AI utilization

TypeDocumentsSearchesAI characters
New document1
Inbound internal link (4)4
Outbound internal link (1)1
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