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Platform Walkthrough

The Sharing Button

Clicking the share icon allows users to share an SEO document with other people even when they aren’t Outranking users themselves. This way our Content Editor users can seamlessly collaborate with other content creators.

How to Use It?

  1. Click the share icon located at the top left side of the Content Editor.
image10 2

2. Type the recipient’s email in the dialog box that says **Insert Email**.

image2 6

3. Click the next dialogue box that says **View** and set the SEO document in **View** or **Edit** mode.

image1 4

4. Hit the **Send** button. The recipient will receive an invitation to edit or view the said SEO document at any minute.

image12 1

5. Click the X button if you want to remove the previous input and send it to a new person.


6. If you want to send the SEO document to multiple people at once, click the + button.



The Controls button allows Outranking SEO Content Editor users to export an SEO document out in Doc format or import a published article using its URL.

How to Use It

  1. Open the SEO document you want to export.
image11 1

2. Click the **Controls** button located at the top center part of your Content Editor.


3. From the dropdown menu, select the **Export to Doc** function if you want to export your SEO document out of Outranking SEO Content Editor.

image7 3

4. Select **Import** if you wish to import content from an existing URL for optimization.

image9 1

5. Paste the URL of the existing content into the dialogue box and hit the **Import ** button.

image8 3

Note that this action will override the existing content on the Content Editor. You might also find some additional content from the same website included in the imported URL, or missing sections of the main content. You can simply copy and paste the entire content you want to optimize into the editor to make sure. Then click the refresh icon beside the **Overview** tab to refresh the stats of SEO Score.


The File button allows Outranking users to save, create new, or view the edit history of an SEO document.

How to Use It

Save file

  1. Click the **File** button located at the top part of your Content Editor.
image6 2

2. From the dropdown menu, select **Save** if you want to save the content of the SEO document you are currently working on.


New File

  1. Select the **New** function if you want to create a new SEO document. You will then arrive at the **Create new content** prompt.
image13 1


  1. Select **History** to get a detailed view of the changes that happened to your SEO document.

2. Under the **AI Write History** tab, you will see all the AI rewriting activities such as the number of characters rewritten(blue box), the phrase or sentence you want to rewrite(green box), the output(red box).


3. Under the **Versions** tab, you will find information on how many revisions have been made to the SEO document (blue box), who made it and when(green box), and whether you want to **Restore** any of the previous versions(red box).


Selection Toolbar

The **Selection Toolbar** will appear when you highlight texts on your Outranking Content Editor. This allows you to bold, underline, insert a link, and/or assign an H tag to highlighted texts, as well as turn them into a bullet or numbered list. Lastly, the **Rewrite** function allows you to rewrite the highlighted text with the help of Outranking’s AI.

How to Use It

  1. Highlight the text you want to edit.
  2. When the Selection toolbar appears, select the function you want.
  3. If you select the **Rewrite** function, the History panel will slide in so you can get a view of the AI rewritten highlighted text.
  4. If you are satisfied with the rewritten output, click the clipboard icon to copy and paste it into the Content Editor.
image4 4


This button allows users to add images into the SEO document you are currently optimizing.

How to Use It

  1. Click the **Image** icon found at the top portion of the Content Editor, beside the **Controls** button.
  2. Start importing images from your local drive.

Undo and Redo

The **Undo** function will cancel the previous action and return it to its previous version. While the **Redo** function reverses the effect of the **Undo** function. It restores what has been undone.

image5 3

Fullscreen and Home

  1. The Fullscreen icon allows users to expand the Content Editor into fullscreen mode(blue box).

2. When you are done editing and saving your SEO document, you can click the **Home** icon to exit the Editor(green box).

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