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Create and Optimize URL


This Outranking function allows you to create an SEO-optimized URL for your content.

How to create a URL

  1. Click the **Instructions** tab right under the **AI Write** tab.
image2 13

2. When the **Instructions** panel appears, click the **Create a URL** tab.

image5 9

3. You can use the suggested keywords to create your URL. Remember that the shorter your URL is, the better.

image6 10

4. Click the **See all high frequency keywords** to get more keyword ideas relevant to your topic you can use.

image4 10

5. Note that green words mean they are present in your current URL, gray means not yet.

image1 10

6. Once done incorporating, click the refresh button beside the **Overview** tab and see if the indicator in the URL tab changed. **Great** means your URL is well-optimized.

image3 10
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