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SERP Research Tab


This Outranking SEO Content Editor functionality checks the backlink reports of all the top-ranking pages returned by SERP including their content score, DA/PA, backlinks, and word count.

How to Use It

  1. Click the **Research** tab for the Research panel to appear.
image6 9

2. In the Research panel, you will find the top 20 Google Search results for your topic including their URLs, content score, DA, PA, backlinks, and word count.

image7 9

3. If you suspect a particular page to be scraped content(i.e. Unrealistically high word count) you can exclude it from your research by clicking and disabling the **Preview** button next to the domain name.

This will remove this page from being considered into scoring statistics.

image1 9

4. Then refresh the SEO score stat by clicking the refresh button beside the **Overview** tab(blue box). Follow this action by clicking the **Overview** tab(green box) to check if the maximum word count changed.

image8 6

5. Click the **Expand All** button if you want a detailed look at the content of all the top 20 URLs or click the down arrow in each box to open them individually.

image2 12

6. Simply click the **Collapse All** button to hide the content.

image3 9

7. You can research a section and compare it against your top competitors. Start by highlighting that section, then copy-paste it into the **Search** box before clicking the search button.

image5 8

8. As a result, the search will return any content that mentions the topic you are researching.

image4 9

9. You can use the result as inspiration when writing your content, or you can also directly insert it into your content and rewrite afterward using the **Rewrite** function or by adding additional value to the content.

image9 3
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