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Related Keywords usage and optimization

Related Keywords

Use the Related Keywords data by Outranking to further support the context of your content. The more related keywords you use throughout your SEO document, the higher chances for your content to rank.

How to Use it

  1. Click the **Related Keywords** tab for the Related Keywords panel to appear.
image1 11

2. You will see all the related keywords for your topic in the panel, along with the search volume, and keyword difficulty level.

image7 10

3. If certain words have green tick(🗸) marks beside them, this means they are already somewhere in your H2 and H3 tags. While the c mark means you are currently using it somewhere in your paragraphs.

image2 14

4. Search for more related keyword ideas by typing your keyword into the search box.

image3 11

5. When you highlight a particular keyword, the list will refresh and only show related keywords with the highlighted keyword.

image9 4

6. Clicking the individual words in your Content Editor and see if it will generate more related keyword ideas.

image4 11

7. If you have a specific list of focus keywords you want to target, you can add them manually using the **Add Keywords** button.

image8 7

Note: Only use this functionality if you are an Outranking pro user.

8. When the **Add Keywords** prompt appears, you can either enter a particular keyword and the AI will pull in all related keywords.

image5 10

9. Or manually enter all your focus keywords so they will be added to the list. This way you can keep track of whether you’ve successfully added your focus keywords to your content.

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