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SERP Questions and People also ask (PAA)


This Outranking SEO Content Editor function gathers all the questions within the top-ranking pages returned by SERP and People Also Ask from Google. This way you will have a comprehensive list of questions you can use in your content.

By default, Outranking analyzes 20 top pages at a time.

How to use Questions

Questions from Content

  1. Click the **Questions** tab for the Questions panel to appear.
image1 8

2. Under the **Questions from Content**(blue box) tab, you will get a list of all the questions used in the content of the 20 top-ranking pages from SERP(green box). This functionality can pull up to hundreds of questions at a time.

image3 8

3. Under each question is the **Search Volume** data that you can use when deciding what questions to include to get more search hits on your topic. The first questions in the list are the ones that have search volume data. The Search volume data gives you an estimate of how many people are asking this exact question.

image4 8

4. Look through the list and choose the most relevant ones. Click the rewrite button next to the question you want to include, and then click the clipboard icon to insert the questions into the Editor.

image6 8

5. The ones that have no keyword data are questions scraped by Outranking from the rest of the SERP pages related to your topic.

image2 11

People Also Ask

  1. Click the **People Also Ask** tab. This is the second tab in Outranking’s Questions panel, and it contains a list of up to 20 PAA’s from Google for your topic. Answering PAA better than your top competitors is the effective way for a low domain ranking website can reach Google’s first page against the more established websites going after the same topic.
image5 7

2. Choose the PAA you want to incorporate into your content by clicking the clipboard button beside it. You can rewrite the PAA you want by clicking the **Rewrite** function but we highly suggest that you do not.

image7 8

3. Click the **Prev** and **Next** buttons if you want to see the next list of PAA.

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