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Create and optimize Title

Meta Title

A meta title is one of the most important SEO ranking factors because it tells searchers and bots the topic of a piece of content. Optimizing your meta title the right way gives you a higher chance of ranking well on relevant Google searches

Title tab

Clicking the **Title** tab gives you the list of meta titles used by the top 20 ranking pages from SERP. All curated and compiled by Outranking AI for your disposal.

The title tab also indicates whether the current title in your SEO document is optimized enough.

image7 5

How to create a meta title

  1. Click the **Instructions** tab right under the **AI Write** tab.
image1 6

2. In the **Instructions** panel, click the **Create a Meta Title** tab.

image4 6

3. Follow the suggestions such as the minimum number of characters you should use, and incorporate high-frequency keyword suggestions.

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4. Use the **See title ideas** if you want to look at the titles of top-ranking pages from Google search.

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5. Workaround the SERP title by clicking the rewrite button(blue box) before clicking the clipboard icon(green box) beside the title you want to use.

image5 5

6. Modify and personalize the title by using the related keywords suggestions from the **Optimize Meta Title for better reach** tab. Green keywords indicate they are already in your Title while gray is not.

image2 8

7. Click the refresh button to refresh your SEO Score stats and check the indicator in the **Title tab**. **Great** means your meta title is fully optimized.

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