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Create Outline (Sections)

How to create outlines that has all sections / headlines (H2/H3)?

An outline is a type of tree structure that is used to present the main points or topics of a given subject. Each item in an outline may be divided into additional sub-items.

Practically, outlines are the list tree of headlines and subheadlines to cover in the article.

Why is an outline important for SEO content?

  1. Gives you a roadmap to follow
  2. Helps you keep your thoughts organized
  3. Keeps you on track to cover all topics
  4. Helps you gain more organic traffic
  5. Keeps you aligned with the user Intent

Sections (Headlines / Subheadlines)

Follow the steps previously outlined when you Create new content. Once inside the content editor, click the **Sections** tab.

In Outranking, **Sections** is one of the most important features of our Content Editor. All the data and keywords presented are curated by our Advanced AI from the 20 top-ranking search results related to your topic/keyword. This way, content creators get a 360° view of web users’ search intent

Google is very particular when it comes to structuring, whether it’s your website or the varying forms of content you produce and publish. The more you pay attention to your content’s information hierarchy, the more Google will want to rank your content.


Click **Outlines** and you will have a selection of H2 and H3 headers that you can add to the outline you are building.


Tick the box beside the Headers you want to include in the outline you are building. And then click the **Add Outline to Editor** button. This will add all your selected Headers to the content editor.

There may be instances that you will see irrelevant headers among the selection. The best thing to do is not to tick it or simply click the X button to remove it, before hitting the **Add Outline to Editor** button.


But before clicking the **Add Outline to Editor** button, users can click the refresh button on each headline/subheader so the AI can rewrite it. This is especially helpful if you are not satisfied with the grammar of the heading you want to add.

image7 2

You can also drag the headlines up and down to ensure that the flow of ideas and information is smooth.

image8 2

If you are still not satisfied with the AI suggestions, you can directly edit the headline. Double-click the header field you wish to edit and type your preferred headline.


Once done with the necessary edits, click the **Add Outline to Editor** to load the outline to the editing interface. And then, hit **Save**.


Sections from SERP

If you click **Sections from SERP** it will show you the headlines that are being used by the top-ranking articles for your topic. The advantage of this is that you will know what exact headlines your competitors are using and work around it.

image1 3

**Sections from SERP** panel also indicates from what website the selection of headers you are looking at is from. And just like in the Outlines panel, the Sections from SERP panel indicate headline hierarchy with H2 and H3 tags. This way, you get a solid idea of the content structures ranking articles have, and you can position yours better.

Peruse the selection and click the clipboard icon of the headline you want to copy and paste into your outline. And if you click the **All** icon, all the subsequent h tags contained in that H2 headlines will also be copied and pasted into the content editor. You can also click the preview icon beside the clipboard to see a snippet of the idea in every headline.


Click **Next** or **Prev** buttons if you want to see the sections of a different article.

image3 4

HFW (High Frequency Words)

The **HFW** panel gives you a list of high frequency keywords in the headings or sections used by your top 20 competitors from SERP for your topic. This is especially helpful in discerning user intent if there is not enough related keyword data.

image4 3

Click the dialogue box, and from the drop-down menu, select all words that have a frequency number not less than 10. The result will only show you sections from SERP that has the words you have selected.

image2 5

When you now have a selection of headers, you can click the rewrite icon beside the headline if you want the AI to rewrite it some more to suit your preference.

When done, click the clipboard icon to copy and paste the headline you want to include to the outline you are building.

image6 1

Click the **Prev** and **Next** tab to get to the next set of HFK that you might want to check out.

image5 2
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