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Create and optimize Meta Description

Meta Description

Just like a meta title, a meta description helps tell the web searchers the context of the content they are looking at. A well-optimized meta description not only helps pages appear on relevant searches but also increases the clickthrough rate.

Meta Description Tab

Clicking the Description tab gives users a list of the meta descriptions used by the top 20 pages from SERP for your topic. It also indicates whether the current meta description in your SEO document is optimized enough.

image2 9

How to create a Meta description

  1. Click the **Instructions** tab under the **AI Write** tab.
image7 7

2. In the **Instructions** panel, click the **Create a Meta description** tab.

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3. Follow the suggested number of characters you should you for your meta description. For blog posts, meta descriptions range at around 160 characters. Beyond that, your meta description will concatenate.

Make sure that you include the suggested high-frequency keywords in your meta description for more search engine hits on relevant searches.

image3 7

4. If you totally have no idea how to start writing your meta description, click the **See meta description ideas** and you will see a list of meta descriptions used by your top-ranking competitors. Use this list to jumpstart your meta description writing.

image5 6

5. You can also check out the **HFW Keywords** tab(blue box ) and see if you can write a new meta description based on the list of high-frequency keywords(green box) from the top-ranking pages.

image8 5

6. You can also use the **AI Write**(blue box) feature to auto-generate a meta description based on the SERP data compiled by Outranking’s AI. And then click the **Generate**(green box) button in the **Write Meta description** tab.

image1 7

7. Optimize your meta description further by using the related keywords suggestions from the **Optimize Meta Description for better reach** tab.

If you have used enough related keyword data, you will see two green tick(✓) marks.

image4 7

8. Click the refresh button to refresh your SEO Score stats and check the indicator in the **Description** tab. Once the indicator says **Great** then your meta description is well optimized.

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