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History and Versioning


This function in Outranking SEO Content Editor allows users to view the revision history of their SEO documents. This includes All the AI rewriting activities in the **AI Write History** tab. And how many saved versions available, who made the revision and when, and whether you want to restore a particular version in the **Versions** tab.

How to Use It

  1. Log in to your Outranking dashboard and select an SEO document.
image5 1

2. Once inside the document, click the **File** button at the top part of your Content Editor.

image4 2

3. Select the **History** function from the dropdown menu and the History panel will slide out.

image2 4

4. The **AI Write History** contains all the rewriting activities. You will be shown the **Rewrite Input**(green box) and **Rewrite Output**(red box) in this tab.

image1 2

5. Click the **Versions** tab to see important SEO document history data such as how many versions there are of your document(green box), who made the new version(red box) when the new version was made(yellow box), and the restore function(violet) of every saved version available.

image3 3
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