What Is a Content Writer? A Beginners Guide

Pankil Shah
by Pankil Shah
Updated On: January 18, 2023
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What is a Content Writer

What is a Content Writer?- A Beginner’s Guide

As more bloggers keep breaking into the internet, the demand for content creators keeps increasing. Whether you run an online business or blog, you need to produce content that ranks to get found. To achieve this, you need to become a content creator yourself or pay someone to create this content for you.

Who is a Content Writer?

A content writer is someone who writes, edits, and produces high-quality written material for a website or other online presence. They ensure that the website’s content is well written, engaging, and relevant to the target audience while getting found by search engines. This can include writing articles, blog posts, press releases, product descriptions, and more.

What Does a Content Writer Do?

A content writer is a professional who creates and manages content for a website or company. The write-up may include articles, blogs, social media posts, e-books, or other marketing materials. This writing aims to engage and inform the reader while also marketing the company’s product or service.

Content writers need to stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and changes to create content that is both relevant and engaging for their readers. Also, a content writer’s skills are in high demand, so if you have the desire and the skill set, a career in content writing may be for you. With the right tools (like an AI writing & SEO platform Outranking.io), you can become a successful content writer and create content that outranks competition.

What Writing Skills Does a Content Writer Need?

As an upcoming freelancer, there are several skills you need to compete in the freelance industry. These skills help to make you a good content creator and also help you understand what your readers need to see. Below are some of the most important skills you need to begin your freelance writing career.

1. Writing in a Variety of Creative Styles

A content writer needs to be able to write in a variety of styles, from formal to informal. They also need to cater to different audiences, whether it is for a general audience or a more specific one.

Check out this complete guide which includes 150+ examples of tones of voice. A content writer must be able to write for different audiences using distinct tones and styles.

2. Research Information and Write About it Effectively.

To be a successful content writer, one must have the ability to research information effectively and write about it engagingly. This skill set allows writers to produce content that is both accurate and interesting to read.

Check out how Outranking speeds up the research phase and offers everything you need in one place to produce well research content, while often not being a subject matter expert.

3. SEO Blogging- Write SEO (Search Engine Optimized) Content for Web

A content writer must have the ability to write engaging, SEO-optimized blogs. SEO writing simply means conducting keyword research and SERP analysis to select the right keywords for each blog post.

4. Understanding of Content Marketing

90% of all marketers use content marketing to generate inbound leads.

A content writer should have a firm understanding of content marketing. This involves understanding the different types of content that can attract and keep customers engaged. A content writer must know how to write for other channels, such as social media, blogs, and websites.

If you are a beginner and want to learn how to write for the web, Outranking can help. We offer an AI writing and SEO optimization platform that will guide you through creating high-quality content and provide you with SEO content optimization best practices. With our business SEO platform, you will learn the skills you need to rank your website higher on search engine results pages.

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How do You Become a Content Writer for a Company?

Content writing is a critical component of online marketing. By creating valuable, factual, relevant content, businesses can attract more visitors to their website and convert them into customers. If you want to become a content writer for a company, it’s crucial to understand its target market and the customers they are trying to reach. Strong writing skills are essential for creating high-quality content to engage readers and generate leads.

There are many ways to become a content writer. One way is to freelance, which means you can work for different companies on a project-by-project basis. Another way is to study courses in content writing, which will give you the skills and knowledge you need to write high-quality content.

Write on Other Blogging Websites

If you want to become a content writer, the best way is to start writing for yourself. You can start a blog or write articles on sites like Medium. You can even get paid there. Once you have developed your skills, reach out to companies and offer your services. Be sure to highlight your writing experience and showcase some of your best work.

Other blogging websites include wordpress.com, weebly.com, blogspot.com, sites.google.com.

Write Guest Blog Posts

In addition to writing for yourself, you can also write articles for other websites or blogs. Article writing is another excellent way to get experience and build your portfolio. However, you should be careful about the websites or blogs you choose to write for – make sure they look professional, have a good audience, and are well-established.

When you’re just starting, it’s a good idea to write for free in exchange for experience and exposure. Once you have enough experience under your belt, though, you can start charging for your services.

Other websites that accept guest blogs include hubspot.com, mashable.com, moz.com, lifehack.org, socialmediaexaminer.com, socialmediatoday.com

Become a Content Writer for a Company

To become a content writer for a company, you first need to understand marketing. The experience will give you the foundation to produce quality content for your clients. Additionally, it’s important to be patient and persistent to succeed in this field. There are many opportunities out there for aspiring content writers – all you need is the drive and determination to seize them!

Here’s a little hack for you: Using Outranking Quick Wins feature, plug in some of the websites you really want to have as your clients. Find low-hanging ranking opportunities and offer to improve their existing content to make it rank higher. Once they publish your improvements, track progress in Outranking and email them when you see rankings improvement. You’ll get more business from them in no time!

SEO Content Creation

More about Quick Wins in this short video:

Write for Your Blog or Website

You can also write articles for your blog or website. Starting a personal blog post is an excellent way to get started in the field, especially if you’re just starting and have little experience yet. It’s also great for networking, as you’ll be able to get your name out there and build a reputation.

Find Writing Gigs on Freelancing Websites

Many people passionate and skilled at writing seek to make a career out of it. They are looking for writing jobs, and you can find them on freelancing websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, Fiverr, etc.

To get clients as a beginner freelance writer on such platforms, set your price at a slightly cheaper rate than others. You should first aim at gathering more experience than income. Once you have enough experience under your belt, though, you can start increasing the charges for your services.

How to Learn To Write Quickly Using Some Online Tools?

There are a lot of online SEO content generators that can help you write content quickly and efficiently. Outranking uses AI research, writing, and SEO optimization assistance. It is the ultimate AI blog post generator that will help you create SEO-friendly content 10x faster while outranking the competition.

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