Content ROI Accelerator

Learn how to outrank your competition using AI in just 4 weeks. 

Next cohort kicking off August 22.

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Did You Know…


of newly published content doesn't rank


It takes 10+ hours to research, write and optimize a pillar post


of content doesn’t get re-optimized


Content ROI Accelerator

A 4-week program designed to accelerate content planning, creation and optimization while boosting content ROI. 
We’ve spent 10 years perfecting our content strategy and we teach that exact strategy in this program:

Accelerator Schedule

Week 0


Get ready to kick things off for the next 4 weeks!
We will cover what you can expect from the training. We'll take care of the tech setup and access to Google Search Console to get the most out of your time.

Week 1

Create 6-month Content Strategy

The first step in accelerating your SEO content ROI is to create a 6-month content plan.
We'll cover the new way of doing keyword research using topic clusters for a winning keyword strategy, we'll find content gaps, optimization opportunities and new content opportunities.

Week 2

Create new SEO content with AI in Minutes

Cut down 80% of manual research work required to create content.
We'll share the best use for AI in the content creation workflow and show how to automate content research and brief creation, how to write with AI and don't worry about next Google algorythm update and how to optimize your content for SERP domination.

Week 3

Find the right opportunities to optimize for higher rankings

Optimize existing content for higher rankings is the lowest hanging fruit.
We'll identify ranking opportunities that will take the least efforts but have the most potential to bring impact and learn how to optimize most important on-page SEO elements, how to rank for feature snippets, the importance of internal linking and much more.

Week 4

Adding extra value in your content

You finished writing a blog post, now what? What will separate your content from a dozen others on the same subject?
We'll share ways you can add extra value to your readers, while boosting your post's authority.

Bonus Week

Reporting & Measuring

Unlock the true potential of your website with the automatic analysis of ranking data from your Google search console and turn that data into a growth rocket.
We'll show how to setup Google data studie and attribution for true understanding of ROI on your content and optimization efforts.

Bonus weeek


Brag about the results after 4 weeks.
We'll take the time to celebrate the achivements, milestones, new learnings and discuss how you can keep boosting your rankings and content ROI.

Who Should Enroll

In-house writers

In-house SEO experts

Content managers

Meet Your Instructors


Nathan Collier

Founder of the The Content Marketing Lounge community, one of Semrush's Top 100 influencers in content marketing.


Natalie Luneva

CMO at Outranking, with over a decade leading marketing and content teams.

3 1

Pankil Shah

CEO at Outranking, expert in scaling revenue using content marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is free to participate, but you'll need a paid subscription to Outranking.io (see the last question "Software subscriptions" for more info). All participants will get a bonus discount to redeem. You may get by without subscription to Outranking, but you'll end up taking 10x more time on research, outline and optimization than it would take with Outranking's AI.
The Content Accelerator Program is a 5-week program where you will get the proven path to transform your content team into a successful, scalable traffic powerhouse.

The content accelerator is not for newbies just starting out with content creation.

Content teams with an active website that has at least 100+ pages can apply. You/your team need to be available to dedicate 5 hours per week.

Content teams will get in-depth training and personal coaching throughout the 5-week period. There will also be opportunities to be featured across the Outranking and Content Marketing Lounge sites, as well as its social and editorial channels. Finally, participants will get access to a cohort community.

Applications are accepted through July 23rd, 2022.

This program, its workshops, and coaching are all led by Nathan Collier and the team at Outranking.io Pankil Shah and Natalie Luneva.

Participants should plan to spend a minimum of 5 hours per week.

Workshop sessions will be recorded, but attendance is strongly encouraged. Workshops will take place in the AM for North America. That’s mid-morning on the East Coast, and late afternoon for much of Europe.

Participants would need a paid subscription to www.Outranking.io for the duration of the accelerator that we’ll use to teach how to automate content research, writing and optimization workflow with AI (starts at $129/mo). All new Outranking subscribers will get a bonus subscription to Outranking’s Actions, an SEO optimization module that connects to your Google Search Console (worth $100/mo). We’ll send out instructions on how to redeem the special bonus a week before the accelerator starts.