How AfricanSafari.io Doubled Organic Website Traffic in 6 Months using Outranking

 African Safari is a travel and safari destination site that doubles its organic traffic using Outranking. Check out this case study to learn how Outranking can help you double organic website traffic in 6 months.

About AfricanSafari.io.

AfricanSafari.io is a website that provides information about safaris in Africa. The website was created because the owner, Bob Wild is passionate about photography, and wanted to share his knowledge with others. The site has been a success, and it continues to grow in popularity every day.


One of the things that makes AfricanSafari.io unique is that it's dedicated exclusively to safaris in Africa. This allows Bob to provide detailed information about each destination, as well as tips and advice for photographers who want to capture the perfect shot.

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How AfricanSafari.io Created Content Before Outranking

AfricanSafari.io knew that they could get bigger exposure if they could get more organic traffic. However, creating new content and getting it ranked high enough to make a difference was a challenge. They tried using various methods, like writing content on their own, paying writers to create the content, but the content they received was expensive, wasn't good enough and wasn't in the voice they preferred.


How did AfricanSafari.io double their organic website traffic in 6 months?

Bob tried various AI-powered tools like Frase or Jasper, but he ended up rewriting majority of it, which took longer than to actually write it from scratch.


Then Bob heard about Outranking.io and decided to give it a try. Outranking allowed to double their content creation. So not only were they publishing great content optimized for SEO and humans, but it was also in their tone and voice which helped them connect with their audience even better.

"For a guy that doesn't like to write, I spend more time writing now than ever before. It's crazy!"

How much did it cost AfricanSafari.io to double their content production?

Outranking's subscription cost starts at $129/mo, which is less than what it would could to get one article created by an outsourced writer.


What were the results of using Outranking to create the content?

Over the past six months, traffic has doubled thanks largely to the efforts in using Outranking to create and optimize content.

"Outranking gives me more confidence in being able to write confidently and with enough flare, that people want to read my articles."

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For example, tweaking two headings based on Outranking recommendations caused the rankings to jump from position 30+ to being in the first 10. While it often takes small tweaks to see the results, being an SEO newbie, entrepreneurs like Bob wouldn't know which things to optimize.

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"Outranking helps somebody who is a non-writer and doesn't have expertise in SEO and gives the ability to compete, write, and optimize content for SEO, where I could never do that before."

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