SERP data

A complete analysis of the 20 top-ranking pages for the keyword query gathers insights about what makes those pages rank to create a content plan. Use this to outrank them by creating better content.

Related keywords and semantic keywords

Check related matches and semantic keywords for a seed keyword and the keywords for ranking pages. Use this data to maximize the number of keywords you can rank for with one page.

Domain-specific data

Domain authority, page authority, PageRank, and backlink data help you gauge the difficulty of outranking the competition. Use your own data to find content optimization opportunities.

NLP extraction

Entity extraction from the top 20 ranking pages helps you create content briefs and an optimization plan to make sure your content matches the keyword intent.

Search console data

Google Search Console authentication and data fetching show content cannibalization, new content opportunities, optimization opportunities, and the perceived authority of a domain for a given keyword.


This is calculated based on Google’s algorithm to find opportunities for intentional linking to maximize link authority flow.

On-page data

Analysis of all on-page SEO factors such as the title, description, headings, NLP topics, related term usage, alt tags, anchor text, and external and internal links.

Content authority coverage and content gaps

Find content and keyword gaps as compared with your true potential to prioritize content creation and optimization. Benchmark topic authority coverage and discover high-potential key areas to create content.

Predicted win keywords

By reading through your domain keyword ranking data, the AI identifies keywords that your domain can easily rank for to add to your topic authority.

Content writing

SEO content strategy

Topic clustering using NLP terms and prioritization automation with AI predictions based on domain-specific data. Clustering keywords provides a better silo structure and an impactful internal linking strategy.

SEO content briefs

Automatically generate content briefs using SERP analysis and AI-driven content writing guidance. Create templates for any complex brief structure or formatting.

SERP research

Completely analyze the 20 top-ranking pages for a given seed query. Evaluate over 40 elements. SERP analysis is an integral part of Outranking’s approach to SEO content.

Meta generator

Generate title and meta descriptions using AI and related terms to maximize the reach of new content.

Outline builder

The AI outline builder uses NLP keywords to generate outline ideas. Build and arrange your H2 and H3 headings using the easy drag-and-drop interface.

AI-generated blog posts

Generate blog posts that are 80-90% complete using just a title or a given outline using data from ranking pages to mimic human behavior for factual writing.

FAQ generator

Automatically generate complete questions and answers using AI and any amount of raw text.

Extraction of benefits and disadvantages

Automatically extract pros and cons from existing customer reviews or raw text, then use the generated bullet points to build benefits and disadvantages sections for product review posts.

Extraction of key points

Automatically extract research related to a heading using AI and search engine results pages. Build bullet and talking points in seconds using factual information and automation.

People Also Ask questions

Curate questions from People Also Ask using keywords and ranking pages to help you align your content better with the user intent.

Featured snippets

Generate definitions for featured snippets with optimization guidance and AI templates.

Automatic content strategy prioritization

Automatically prioritize where to spend your efforts and which keywords to target to reduce your ad spend and generate qualified traffic.

On-page SEO optimization

SEO scoring of on-page SEO factors

Over 40 on-page SEO optimization factors help you outrank the competition. The most granular way of scoring your content for all important on-page SEO elements, from title to content depth.

Internal link suggestions

AI-based internal link suggestions for pages with semantic relationships help you improve your PageRank and organic positions today, not after 6 months.

Complete content optimization briefs

Generate content optimization briefs using a URL to find content and optimization gaps using one-click analysis.

Rank optimization briefs

Optimize existing pages for better ranking without changing the content. Create separate briefs for web and content teams. Use suggestions for quick optimizations, internal links, and anchors.

Optimization prioritization

Prioritize optimization opportunities that will make the most impact in bringing qualified traffic to your website.


Track optimization efforts

See the rank improvements resulting from your optimization efforts in real time.

Keyword position tracking

Track and improve the keyword rankings that matter the most to you.

Google Search Console integration

Use the most accurate data and rankings to fuel your organic growth.



Use one-click transfer to set up posts and check all SEO best practices.

Google Docs

Move content into Google Docs and manage collaboration with an internal team.


Use the Grammarly plugin with native integration to check grammar and plagiarism.

Google Search Console

Get the accurate data you need to fuel growth.


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"When I started to use Outranking I was like, wow, this like cuts that whole process down significantly. Hub and Spoke model used to take 6 weeks to create, something that Outranking Strategist does for you in seconds".

Nathan Collier Director of Content Marketing
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“When I started to use Outranking I was like, wow, this like cuts that whole process down significantly!”

Nathan Collier Director of Content Marketing

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