Learn to Outrank with AI

5-day live bootcamp that will teach you step by step how to research, write and optimize content with the help of AI.  Starts on Feb 21. 

Those who finish get 100k free AI credits!

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Schedule Feb 21-28

Feb 21

Keyword to outlines

  1. How to pick a keyword – existing page, already written content, new idea
  2. How to create title and outlines with correct keyword intent
  3. How to optimize outlines for most organic reach and highest probability of ranking

Feb 22

Content briefs to First drafts

  1. How to create content briefs using AI
  2. How to add value in your content briefs
  3. When should you write more, when should you write less
  4. How to create the first draft using AI

Feb 23

Related Keywords and Google NLP terms

  1. How to optimize content for related keywords
  2. How to optimize content for Google NLP terms

Feb 24

On-page optimization

  1. Complete on-page SEO optimization crash course
  2. How to create featured snippets
  3. How to rank for people also ask

Feb 25

Increasing Content ROI

  1. How to create optimization projects
  2. How to find pages to optimize for quick content ROI
  3. When to create new content or add upon existing content

Feb 27

Dirty trick to improve rankings

  1. Internal link building a complete crash course to improve rankings

Feb 28

Optimizing different types of web pages for SEO

  1. How to optimize home page
  2. How to optimize product pages
  3. How to create and SEO optimize webinar pages using AI
  4. How to create and SEO optimize recipe posts using AI
  5. How to write press releases

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