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Pankil Shah

Content Marketing Expert and CEO at Outranking

Pankil Shah is an entrepreneur, founder, and content marketing expert with over 10 years of experience leading product and growth for tech companies. He is the CEO of, an AI platform for writers, editors, and SEO professionals to create content that ranks

Before starting, Pankil led growth for an enterprise database company, scaling revenue using content marketing. He also co-founded, a learning management system aimed at improving K12 learning outcomes.

Pankil has an MBA from the University of Hartford and a BS in Aerospace Engineering from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

Pankil can speak about:

  • The place of AI in content marketing
  • Creating Content With AI that Google Loves
  • Content strategy
  • ChatGPT and AI writing prompts
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Natalie Luneva

Marketing & Growth Expert and CMO at Outranking

Natalie Luneva is an entrepreneur and founder on a mission to help companies scale, clarify business priorities, and grow high performance teams. 

Drawing from her 10+ years of leading companies and growth teams, she helped over 100 companies implement high ROI opportunities, scale their operations, and grow high performance teams.

Before co-founding, Natalie worked as a growth coach to SaaS companies.

Natalie can speak about:

  • Scaling Content Processes with AI
  • How marketing agencies can introduce content services
  • Community marketing
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