14 Types of Copywriting in Demand

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14 Types of Copywriting in Demand

14 Types of Copywriting in Demand

What does copywriting mean?

Copywriting is a skill that can be used to advertise a product or service. It has been used in advertising for decades. In addition, many marketing strategies include the use of copywriting within their content strategy.

Difference between copywriting and content writing

Copywriting is a type of writing that focuses on selling a brand. Content writing, on the other hand, is about building an image in consumers’ minds.

Copywriting is a bit advertorial and focuses on the product description. On the other hand, content writing can be used for all purposes, from advertisement to service descriptions to how-to guides.

It can be done in print, on screen, via email marketing, and even through social media channels.

The types of copywriting are just as varied—whether it’s for an online business website or blog post, you’ll need to know how they differ from each other so that your strategy is effective. Content writing is a type of copywriting that aims to tell the story behind a product and build an image in consumers’ minds. It can be done through storytelling or by providing information about a company’s brand. The brand voice should sound as if the logo could speak, which helps establish an emotional connection between a brand and its target audience.

What are the different types of copywriting projects, services, and niches?

Copywriting can be broken into different types of copy, such as email marketing campaigns or website content like blog posts. It’s important to understand what makes up each type so you can write the most effective pieces of content for your business.

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1. Search engine optimized (SEO) copywriting

SEO copywriting helps you get ranked. Spammy articles are destroyed by recent Google updates. To rank well, articles have to offer genuine value.

SEO copywriting uses keywords intelligently integrated into the pieces. The blog posts are designed to rank for relevant words, while also being highly readable and engaging for their audience.

SEO copywriting is the best way to get discovered. It takes time and work to rank on search engines. This isn’t spammy as it was in the past because SEO companies are now more selective about what they promote.

Outranking as an SEO copywriting tool is easy to use and understand. It has a simple design that is not complicated or overwhelming, which makes it user-friendly for site owners, SEO managers, SEO newbies, and more.

SEO content provides a lot of traffic to your website.

SEO is a set of techniques that can help increase the visibility of a website in search engines like Google. SEO copywriting is writing intended to rank a page or blog post for a specific keyphrase in Google Search.

To use SEO copywriting, you must understand what it means and how it works, which is why this topic is commonly shown on People Also Ask (PAA).

Types of SEO copywriting

Blog posts, titles, meta-descriptions, and even navigation text in the websites can be considered SEO copywriting. All of these include using power words, numbers in headlines, questions, adequate space between lines, and more to keep the user engaged, as well as bring Google to your blog.

Examples of SEO copywriting

In one attempt, Brian Dean re-wrote a headline with emotional triggers and piqued the curiosity of users while still using the same main keywords.

This increased the CTR by almost 45%!

Just one title change.

increase in ctr
organic traffic growth

This way, you can use keywords and still persuade users to visit your blog. Once they do, then you can use more of these examples, ideas, and tips:

Use headings to break up content. Creative headings increase the time that your reader spends on your page, which can improve your ranking in search results.

The point is to be clear, not clever, with section headings so readers know where they are and what information they should expect.

SEO copywriting is not just about changing the color of your text, it’s also about understanding what words to use and how they can impact users.

SEO copywriting is a key component of any SEO strategy. In this type of writing, the goal is to increase time on the page so that users spend as much time as possible viewing your content and not bouncing away from it.

Another technique is bucket brigading! It’s a technique where you link many different pieces of content together to create one long piece with lots going on at once. It doesn’t look like spammy keyword stuffing—it looks like a blog post.

This is just by using a colon “:” and space which increases white space. The words used draw in users to keep reading the article.

“Now:” or “The best part is:” are great phrases to use for the bucket brigade.

2. Creative copywriting

Copywriting is the process of writing in an attempt to persuade someone to take a specific action. Creative copywriting aims to be memorable by demonstrating high-class exclusivity or exciting entertainment.

Website pages and blogs

Content marketers must consider website design and blog content to grab the attention of their target audience. It is important that they also give them what they want, which means providing compelling content.

Marketers can use data to figure out how to do this better by gathering information on where people are spending time and what topics they find most engaging.

Webpages and blogs should be eye-catching because they will compel visitors to take action.

In terms of content marketing, there are many types of copywriting. The most important type is creative writing that includes lots of visuals and other media such as videos. To be successful in this field, one must have a creative mind with high-level skills for visual design and storytelling capabilities.

Another example of this type is product descriptions on websites and blogs, which should inspire readers to buy products by using keywords and visuals.

However, there are many other types not included in this article, such as augmented reality or virtual reality. In these examples, users can interact with digital objects through their device screens or headsets.


Email copywriting is the art and science of capturing an audience’s attention in a compelling way by writing email subject lines, preview sentences, intro sentences for body text, and CTAs.

Email copywriting is a great way to connect with your audience and increase sales. Marketing campaigns require writing good subject lines, preview sentences, intro sentences, and compelling CTAs that will engage readers.

Email is still a major marketing tool, some impressive statistics can back that up. For example, an investment of $1 in email marketing generates a $42 return on investment. This makes it one of the best returns on investment a business can hope for. Tools are available for businesses to segment their audience by interest, analyze their results, and improve them over time as needed.

A well-crafted email can go a long way in convincing someone to purchase your product. It’s important that the email only has one topic or subject because it will be easier for them to read and respond if they’re not trying to juggle multiple messages at once.

Emails can be funny and engaging, like what the food delivery app Zomato does in India. Emails can also be about new offerings that match the audience.

Social media

When brands are getting started with social media, they often struggle to find their voice. A brand’s voice is the personality of the company and how it presents itself to its customers. If your business doesn’t have a personal story or team members’ stories, you’ll struggle to be trusted on social media when you try to promote content.

You can also drive traffic to your website, such as by creating a Facebook business page with a strong social media voice. Regular posts, contests, and discount codes will keep your followers engaged, and you will get more leads and sales.

Social media can also be used to resolve customer queries.

Examples of creative copywriting

Consistent language is one reason that Basecamp has a recognizable website. They emphasize how stressful it is not to have project management in one place. Their tagline “Projects feel scattered,” shows that people are itching for relief, which they offer through a program called Basecamp.

The brand understands this well, so they use consistent language throughout every page of their website to make sure that people know what’s going on with them, as well as why they need to hear about all these things.

basecamp homepage

Dollar Shave Club had a video on their website that went viral in 24 hours. It was created for millennial men who were looking to find solutions to problems they had with their fathers’ watches, which are often referred to as a “dad’s watch.” The marketing strategy of the brand made it clear what problem it was solving and then provided an easy solution where people could go online or buy the product.

3. Social media copywriting

Social media copywriting is a type of content development that focuses on adapting content to suit different social media platforms. The three main types of social media are websites, blogs, and profiles.

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to businesses. It allows companies to reach potential customers with their message and advertise products in a modern, creative way. As such, businesses need to know the different types of social media platforms so they can tailor their copywriting strategy accordingly—beginning with audience research.

A company should consider how they want their copywriting style to speak specifically to each platform before beginning the process of writing content for that particular platform.

Social media copywriting is a form of copywriting that aims to connect with an audience through social media. It includes the use of emojis, informal tone, and personalization to appeal more effectively.

The first step is researching where your customers are spending their time online so that you can write the right message for them. Your research will tell you what type of language most appeals to your target market, based on how specific it needs to be for each platform.

It often uses a few distinct elements because of its audience: emojis, informal tone, and personalization.

When it comes to social media copywriting, your content should be easy to understand and share. It will also help you with the key performance indicators (KPIs), as they are measured differently across each platform. For a post or tweet to make an impact on social media, you need a clear understanding of who your target audience is when writing those posts and tweets.

Social media copywriting is defined by the structure. It’s brief, and it focuses on sharing information with other people through social media posts. Social media copywriters can write informational text for pictures or promotional text that includes words like “click to view” alongside an image of a product.

In contrast, they also know how to write persuasive content to entice readers into taking action, such as attending a seminar or buying something from their website.

Examples of social media copywriting

Check out the social media handles of Red Bull or Nike. They use colorful visuals and inspiring messages to create a sense of inspiration.

4. Marketing copywriting

There are many types of copywriting, and marketing is one type. Marketing copywriting converts features into benefits that can be easily understood by the audience. Articles and advertorials help build trust with the audience.

Marketing copywriting is a type of content marketing that educates the audience. The most flexible type of this kind of writing can be found on websites and blog posts. Copywriting helps you build your website by filling it with helpful information such as infographics and listicles.

Types of marketing copywriting

Copywriting refers to promotional writing. It can come in the form of paid advertisements or traditional marketing assets, such as brochures and flyers. The type of copywriting people are most familiar with is marketing copywriting. 

Digital marketing copywriting includes almost anything that you find online. It can be a title tag, headline, email list you subscribed to yesterday, and so on.

Marketing copywriting can be used for many different marketing strategies. It is a promotional type of writing that uses the written word to promote products or services. It includes online ads, YouTube videos, radio commercials, TV commercials, and branded stickers, as well as flyers.

Marketing copywriting uses clear, sales-driven pieces of content to promote products or services. Advertising is considered marketing copywriting because it’s primarily focused on the promotion of a product or service, not providing information.

The main difference between these two types of writing is how they’re created. Advertising uses more straightforward language with an attention-grabbing headline, while marketing takes into account all facets, including benefits, features, price points, and brand values.

Examples of marketing copywriting

If you look at Outranking.io, you will see they have large headlines saying, “Leading Platform to Research, Write and Optimize Web Content: Advanced AI-powered writing and researching platform to create high-quality SEO-optimized content in a fraction of the time.”

outranking.io homepage

Other text reads: “Not your average AI writing tool: We influence the AI with factual research, SEO data, and SERP analysis to write web content at 10X speed.”

Outranking very prominently shows you that they are a leading AI tool that helps you with quickly writing and optimizing content with SEO, factual data, and analysis.

outranking.io value proposition

Just by scanning, you already have an idea of what Outranking does and whether it suits your needs. They also clearly speak about the value that you will get on this page.

Outranking answers all of your who, what, how, and why questions, so this is a great example of digital marketing copywriting.

example of digital copywriting

This landing page is from Copyhackers, and if you see the page you will get hooked very quickly. If the headline was not enough, you have one quirky video to watch too.

They have a nice hook, and if you want to be a copywriter, you’ll watch the whole video.

Who would not want to write like a pro copywriter by doing a 5-minute course? Nobody.

5. Public relations copywriting

Public relations writing is a type of advertising that uses newsworthy information to help you rapidly earn your audience’s attention and trust.

Public relations copywriting is about writing newsworthy things to earn your audience’s attention and trust. It helps you quickly earn an audience with credible sources such as reputable outlets or websites that will pick up on it in a timely manner.

Public relations copywriting includes press releases, sustainability reports, and statements. PR copywriters are responsible for generating positive publicity in the media about their company’s image. For example, Apple publishes its Environmental Responsibility Report, which showcases its efforts at reducing environmental impact to maintain a sustainable planet Earth.

Public relations copywriting is the art of writing articles to gain a better public image for a business. The best time to seek PR copywriting services is right after your company is established.

PR also helps earn great backlinks for your websites.

Examples of public relations copywriting

Uber used a campaign on their website to encourage people to stay home during COVID-19. They thanked their customers for not using the service unnecessarily at the moment with a simple message: “Stay home for everyone who can’t.” Alongside the campaign, Uber committed 10 million free rides and food deliveries to healthcare workers, senior citizens, and all those in need during these challenging times.

See the video on YouTube.

6. Technical copywriting

Technical copywriting is a type of copywriting that focuses on technical details. It helps newbies learn how to write better and gives amateurs a chance to become experts in their field. Technical writing also includes white papers and blog posts.

Technical copywriting is selling a product or service to customers by explaining it. The copywriter must understand the products they sell, as their job is to convince customers that these products are worth buying. Technical copywriting can be used in many different ways, but its roots are in advertising and sales.

Types of technical copywriting

Technical copywriting produces copy that explains technology in an easy-to-understand manner. Copywriters must first explain what it is, how it works, and why customers should buy it instead of another competing product before the customer decides whether to purchase or not. Once they understand the product, they can then make their decision based on knowledge rather than price point alone.

Technical copywriting promotes literacy to educate newbies, amateurs, and experts. The goal of technical writing is to educate the reader in a way they can understand through different forms such as user guides, ebooks, or white papers. Another important aspect of this type of writing is blogs, which are typically more informal than other content types, but they can still offer valuable insights into how machines work and what they do for people’s lives.

Examples of technical copywriting

Most of Outranking’s blogs educate users about how to use the program. For example, they explain how to get the best out of the software, how Outranking compares with other tools, and more!

Here is one example: How to Use AI for SEO Content Creation and Optimization: Practical Examples.

technical copywriting example

You can also look into the most popular SEO blogs as well. They explain technical matters simply and with humor.

You can even look at all the copywriting that Apple has on their website.

Have you ever seen funky error pages? Like GitHub’s?

This type of copywriting might be used in some error pages on websites. You can show how you are handling a crisis by giving your audience clues on how to get through it with some humor mixed in.

not found page example

I once saw an error page where a cat was smashing its paw on the keyboard. The text said “Oh no, you’ve found our junior developer’s homepage! Despite sleeping on the couch most of the day, our junior web developer still finds time to do some coding.”

homepage example

7. Thought leadership copywriting

Thought leadership is for sophisticated communicators like CEOs with insights to give their audience. This type of copywriting can make use of transactional content and clever information architecture. Transactional content is the type of copywriting that targets a customer or client to sell or provide a product or service. Information architecture is the process of creating an informative website by designing its structure and organizing its data.

Thought leadership copywriting is meant to provide information on topics that are difficult for people to find. This includes articles, white papers, research reports, and other similar types of writing.

Thought leadership is particularly suitable for B2B businesses. Communicate by working with a copywriter who is willing to listen and pen your insights in an easily digestible manner.

Examples of thought leadership copywriting

Outranking, for example, aims to publish blogs by the CEO to educate readers and show how Outranking’s leading innovations can help you win the race to the #1 spot on a search engine results page (SERP).

blog post example

You can check the blogs by Buffer and Ahrefs as well. They provide great information in their blogs and provide tutorials and insights that only they have.

8. Direct response copywriting

Direct response copywriting has a very specific goal in mind. It’s the type of communication that encourages customers to take an action, which is different from most other forms of marketing. This is because it works on one page and prompts users with pop-ups or calls to action (CTAs) before they leave or change pages.

The CTA button usually includes a signup form inviting people to do so and is placed at the bottom right-hand corner of your webpage. Direct response copywriting is a process that converts prospects into tangible results. You can then use this information to build trust and get the sale.

Direct response copywriting brings benefits to your prospect. The ultimate goal of direct response is to convert prospects into tangible results. Direct response copy helps them overcome their fears by employing logical and emotional triggers. You can reach them through powerful headlines, benefit-driven offers of content, clear call to action links on the landing page, or email campaign signup forms.

Direct response copywriting is a type of marketing that aims to keep people entranced. The benefits are the link between users and their desires. A direct response copywriter is a specialized professional who gets the best results from his or her work.

Types of direct response copywriting

Direct response copywriting is a type of communication that urges the recipient to act, either right away or at a later time. It can be used on landing pages after clicking an ad, as well as in any other form of copy aimed at encouraging the recipient to take an action right away.

You don’t necessarily have to use email or social media, but you can in conjunction with these channels to get your message across by staying on one page and prompting users.

Examples of direct response copywriting

Direct response copy is a type of marketing that can be used to persuade consumers. It’s most often found in the realm of email and is typically written for transactional services such as PayPal, Dropbox, and Amazon. Direct response copy has both an offer and a value proposition, which makes it clear exactly what the company offers and how they compare to their competitors.

You can also check the Mailchimp home page. MailChimp is a free email marketing service that allows you to create and send emails. It has four benefits: boosting brand impact, increasing customer connections, getting more from data, and increasing conversions. A link for further details and a link to sign up are provided below the text.

mailchimp website

The text is simple and leads the user to make a choice and move further into their funnel.

copywriting by mailchimp

9. Radio and television copywriting

Radio copywriting is solely auditory. Television is a medium with both audio and video. Radio communicates through sound while TV uses sound and images to create a more engaging experience for its viewers. Radio writing cannot use body language in the presentation, whereas television can communicate simply with a variety of words and pictures.

When it comes to radio and television copywriting, the medium of choice is different. Radio copywriting cannot convey the information the same way as on TV, so there is less room for error when it comes to radio copywriting. 

Copywriters for television often rely on body language, facial expressions, and sound effects to convey information. Television scripts can be used to carry out other messages. For example: if a show is trying to sell chocolate using the words “chocolate makes you happy,” it would use TV scripts as part of its marketing strategy.

Examples of television copywriting

Remember the old spice ad when it started trending on TV!

Or Nike’s Greatness TV commercial.

Or the Think Different campaign by Apple! This was written by Rob Siltanen and Ken Segall. The ad is said to be inspiring, bold, thought-provoking, and world-changing.

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”See the video on YouTube.

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10. Brand copywriting

Brand copywriting is an important type of copywriting. The goal is to create a connection with an audience through storytelling— it’s about establishing an emotional tie.

Brand copywriting is a type of writing that includes brand identity and storytelling. It must sound as if your logo could speak or tell a story to establish an emotional connection with your target audience.

Brand copywriting is the execution of the creative elements that make up a website. It includes storytelling and pages about the team, as well as conveying your brand mission and values to help turn your ugly duckling into a swan.

Examples of brand copywriting

Nike’s marketing is powerful and stands behind its core values. Founder Phil Knight revealed in his book, Shoe Dog, that he didn’t believe much in marketing early on. Nike went out to customers with better products and asked athletes with large followings to use them.

Nike has become synonymous with strength, grit, and hard work. The brand is famous for its strong storytelling messaging that creates a connection between the company and its consumers. Nike successfully built their brand through powerful imagery, such as the iconic image of Michael Jordan’s silhouette against an American flag on his first retirement tour in 1998 or LeBron James’ return to Cleveland after leading Miami to three consecutive NBA championships.

Check out all the Air Jordan commercials on YouTube

The examples provided by Nike show how effective marketing copy can be at creating emotional connections with customers.

The most common type of copywriting, brand writing, is the process of creating a story or campaign around your company’s products.

Brand writers are employed by companies to help them with branding campaigns and marketing strategies that resonate with their target audience.

One strategy for achieving this is to consider using influencers who support your core values and have them tell your brand’s story to reach more people on various platforms.

11. B2B copywriting

The copywriting style of B2B copywriting is marketing that connects two companies. Its name means “Business to Business.” B2B copywriters typically write with an impactful tone, making their reputation feel much bigger than that of conventional writers.

B2B copywriting is a style that allows businesses to interact with other business customers. The majority of companies in the B2B sector use services from a dedicated B2B copywriter. As with other types of copy, the goal is to bring forth the fruit of all your prior marketing efforts and help people overcome their fears by employing logical and emotional triggers.

Types of B2B copywriting

Some of the most common types of B2B copywriting include white papers, case studies, blogs, SEO-optimized articles, ebooks, technical writing, and more.

White paper

A white paper is a document that has data and other information on the company’s point of view. They may be used in job recruitment and are often published under a brand name.

Case studies

Case studies are real-world tests that can be used to measure the effectiveness of any work implemented. They also help businesses understand the financial and non-financial benefits associated with a program, service, or project.


Ebooks are often used as a lead magnet, and they help to capture the contact info of prospects in exchange for valuable information. Sometimes ebooks are like information-rich white papers. Many people make ebooks from their SEO-optimized blog posts as well.


Blogs are one of the most popular types of content marketing. B2B blog posts typically contain a soft call to action at the end, and they educate readers on certain topics. They often include images or videos to help make their point more appealing.

SEO content

SEO content is writing that has been influenced by search engine optimization. It allows anything you write for a business to get higher ranks on Google.

This process of creating relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage other businesses is known as B2B content marketing. A well-thought-out content marketing strategy can help a company become a thought leader. Due to attention scarcity and market saturation, it is becoming increasingly difficult for marketers to capture the attention of their target audiences.

Traditional marketers must pay attention while marketing and refrain from attempting to make a sales pitch every time someone seeks informational content. This often appears retentive and unappealing. As a result, being on the media that the target audience uses the most is the best way to get their attention.

SEO content marketing has a long-term return on investment, and while it can be costly in the short term, it pays off over time.

Technical writing

Technical copywriting is a type of writing that focuses on an audience that wants in-depth knowledge of the industry. It uses technical language that is highly specialized for information-driven content. There are many types of B2B technical copywriting.


Datasheets are documents that give information about a product. They provide very specific info to help the client make a decision. Think about documents such as product specifications or software compatibility.

B2B email copywriting

Outbound marketing can be lucrative for copywriters, but it doesn’t work as well as inbound marketing because outbound marketing isn’t immediately profitable. The purpose of the outbound email is to connect with potential clients who might not have heard of the company.

Email marketing can be profitable for inbound marketing. It can help a copywriter connect with potential clients who haven’t heard about their business yet, as well as those that have been actively looking for a writer to help them.

Examples of B2B copywriting

Trello uses casual words and graphics to convey that organizing work is easy to do for business managers.

b2b copywriting example

Look at the blog posts from Outranking. They are aimed at business owners, solopreneurs, and more. These are examples of technical writing, SEO articles, and blogs.

Also, check out white papers by companies like Deloitte. They are a leader at what they do, and they publish a wealth of information in the form of white papers. White papers are great to capture leads and show the world that you are leading the industry.

12. Sales copywriting

Sales copywriting is used to target potential customers. It can be found in advertisements, emails, and on the website itself. Web content is written to be attractive for customers so that they will provide their information or buy something.

To succeed at sales copywriting, you need a unique voice that can compel customers. This field of professional marketing is specifically used for targeting potential customers on the web. A B2B writer has an impactful tone in their writing when they’re pitching established market giants because of their size and resources behind them.

Types of sales copywriting

Sales copywriting is the act of writing sales material that can be used to promote a product or service. There are different types of copywriters, and they each have their own purpose in the buyer’s journey.

For example, direct response copywriting is typically placed at the beginning of an online funnel to capture leads through advertising campaigns. Above-the-fold content engages prospects who visit your site first before they purchase anything because it provides information about what you do and how you do it.

Examples of sales copywriting

Old Spice is a brand that uses tongue-in-cheek humor to sell its products while upping the masculinity of its target audience. Old Spice offers discounts in bundles, which creates a sense of urgency for potential buyers who want it all at once.

Ramit Sethi talks about how he can empathize with the feelings of his target audience by writing sales copy that convinces them to buy a product. With his “I Will Teach You to Be Rich” website, emails, and videos, he sells his course and products with an excellent choice of words and copywriting.

Protein bars are a type of no-bake, low-calorie, high protein snack. They used to often have ingredients that can’t be pronounced or that don’t belong in your food or drink. But that was the old story. RX Bars clearly mention on the pack what the product contains. And since this makes it easy for fitness lovers to judge the raw quality of the bar, they buy it quickly!

sales copywriting example

13. Advertising copywriting

Marketing is an essential part of any company’s success. It can be in the form of articles posted on online publications, advertorials, or content marketing. Content marketing is a method that companies use to publish relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage their audience.

Advertising copywriting is a form of marketing that can be used in multiple forms. It is flexible with its content type and it converts awareness into interest by posting articles or advertorials on an online publication.

Types of copywriting in advertising

Here are some copywriting types used in advertising!

Social media posts

Social media copy is the writing of ads that feature links and images on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Copy has the power to make you remember something more than any other medium. Sometimes long-copy advertisements can be used in campaigns to market products or services for an extended period of time.

Landing page content

The content on a landing page is typically created to convert visitors into customers. It’s important that the copywriting on a landing page is SEO-friendly and has good conversion rates, as it can help you achieve long-term growth for your company.

Aligning your landing page copy with your users’ intent will result in a huge number of leads or sales.

Google and Facebook ad copy

The text space is limited on these pages, and you have to carefully use the correct words as per your audience to craft the concise headlines and body text.

YouTube videos

Video copywriting is the art of writing a script for a video. This scriptwriting is the process of preparing a written text that will be read aloud, which can also be used to create an audiobook or radio program.

Radio commercials

Copywriting for radio is an example of advertising copywriting. Copywriters need to know how to develop their message in an auditory medium with the specific goal of getting someone’s attention. Radio is solely an auditory medium, and as such, copywriters must focus on developing a clear communication between themselves and the listener by giving them all the information they need through sound alone.

Email copy

Copywriting for outbound marketing is very different from copywriting for inbound marketing. Some freelance copywriters can make a lot of money from outbound email campaigns, but not as much on inbound email campaigns. Inbound marketing is a whole different story and needs to be approached differently than outbound marketing.

Examples of advertising copywriting

Advertising copywriting is the process of creating copy that will convince customers to purchase a product or service. There are three main types of copywriting: direct response, sales promotion, and advertising (and many other variations).

A good example is how a fashion retailer’s business works.

If you are running ads on social media, then your advertising copy should specifically aim at the men or women you are targeting. The images should match the text as well. If you are selling women’s shoes, then target women and not everyone.

Another advertising copywriting example is from Meet Edgar. They clearly say what they offer, what the ROI is (“keep your social fresh every day, on repeat”), and their bright CTA stands out from the background.

advertising copywriting example

14. Ecommerce copywriting

Ecommerce copywriting is often a requirement for business owners in the B2B sector. It’s important to note that there are many different types of copywriters, and they vary widely in their skillset, which means that ecommerce copywriting can be challenging.

Copywriters who work with established market giants like Nike or Coca-Cola tend to have a much bigger repute than those working on smaller brands. These larger companies may require specialized services from the same company year after year, so there is a lot of trust that goes into hiring these copywriters.

Types of copywriting in ecommerce

Product page copy

The product description is the first paragraph on a product. It usually tells what the item is made of, dimensions, measurements, and any other relevant information. It can also tell buyers what to expect from their purchase or be used to benefit people who are interested in purchasing an item but have concerns or fears with using it.

Format your message as if your reader is in a hurry because it creates urgency and helps readers understand what they need to do after reading the content quickly. Emotional appeals have been used since long ago as marketing efforts, in which companies try to persuade consumers by appealing emotionally instead of logically or rationally with facts.

Landing page

Landing page copywriting is focused on selling the product or service. This type of writing often uses emotional, problem-focused language to stimulate interest and create an urgency for buying. There are few navigation options on this type of website, so it may be difficult for users who aren’t interested in purchasing to navigate away.

Advertisement for products

The skilled writing of copy for a product or service to promote it is known as product advertisement. Copywriting skills are becoming more and more important in the marketing world, especially when it comes to digital advertising.

Copywriters have been critically involved in branding companies while also performing many other tasks such as planning campaigns, developing strategies, and managing budgets. In 2018, there were about 1 billion dollars spent on digital ads alone.

Social media posts

Social media marketing is inexpensive and gives your brand instant reach to billions of active users. To overcome competition, you must leverage the latest trends and techniques for social media creatively and consistently.

Direct email

Direct email copywriting is the term for writing emails that are crafted to be sent directly to the recipient’s inbox. Direct email copywriting aims to avoid getting lost in spam filters and instead focuses on providing value to the recipient, while writing in a tone that is appropriate for their inbox.

Examples of ecommerce copywriting

Ecommerce copywriting is the domain of marketing that focuses on making products or services more appealing to online consumers. It is most often associated with websites but can also be found in print advertisements and radio commercials. The goal of an ecommerce copywriter is to make products easy for consumers to understand by using creative writing techniques such as bullet-point lists, short paragraphs, and concise explanations.

Dyson uses small thumbnails and images to show the details of the product in their product descriptions because it makes it easy for customers to read quickly and understand the benefits of their products. More technical products require more detailed explanations, while less technical devices can be explained with short paragraphs and bullet-point lists.

example of ecommerce copywriting

You can also check Firebox.com, which is a fun and silly site with products that include the phrase “I’m not your dad.” This brand tone of voice is reflected in its product copy by having a strong voice with essential product information.


This is it, the ultimate article on all the types of copywriting and where they are applicable. They overlap a lot, and this is natural. There are no hard rules, so you can apply one type of copywriting and not another.

Pankil Shah
Pankil Shah
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